Do Vector Files Have a Resolution?

Whether you are just starting as a digital artist or just curious, there is a ton of information regarding digital programs and their tools. Many people often believe that vector files don’t have a resolution, but do they?

Vector files do not have resolution because they do not have pixels. They use lines and mathematical equations to create designs, rather than pixels like Raster images. This means Vector files can be scaled infinitely without becoming blurry.

But there is a lot to learn about vector files and how they benefit your art. It is because it is high resolution, but there are many other reasons. Here is everything you need to know about vector files.

Do Vector Files Have a Resolution?

Because Vector images are not pixel based like Raster images, they do not have a specific resolution. Vector files have a super high resolution because they are infinitely scalable due to the way they are made. They don’t use pixels but lines, both straight and curved to create an image.

These lines or paths have a formula so it is easier to change the size both up or down and keep the same super high resolution, without getting blurry.

Is Vector or Raster Better?

If you have heard of Vector, then most likely you have heard the word Raster. These are the two types of you can use to create your images. So which one is better? Well first, we need to discuss the difference between the two types.

The Differences

As said before, using a vector means creating an image with lines and paths rather than pixels. That leaves using a raster means creating an image out of pixels. A raster file can have low resolution as well as high resolution while the vector is only high resolution. So what are the benefits of each?

Benefits Of Using A Vector File

Because the vector file is made with lines, it means it is easy to resize the image without losing resolution. If you plan on making a logo or an image that you need to change the size of often, you may want to use a vector file rather than a raster.

Vector has many benefits besides the resizing of your image. Here are a few other benefits to choosing vector over raster:

  • Provides a smoother look
  • Smaller file size
  • Higher resolution
  • Easier to edit your images
  • Allows you to scale up infinitely without getting blurry

Vector images are great for when you want to make intricate pictures that you may need to resize at any moment. It just provides a crisper more professional outlook.

Benefits of Using a Raster File

Although vector images are automatically a high resolution, that doesn’t mean your raster image will not be the same quality. It just means that you can make it a lower resolution if you want. Now with it being pixelated, when you zoom in, the image may lose quality or look blurry.

Just because pixelated images can seem blurry when zoomed in, doesn’t mean they do not benefit you. Here are some reasons why using a raster file may be more beneficial for you:

  • Easier to transfer image to different programs
  • Easier to share and open image on other device
  • Great for highly detailed photography and images
  • You can edit individual pixels
  • Provides smooth color transitions

Raster images are easier to transfer as they are saved as a png or jpeg file. You can use raster files on many different programs while vector files may be limited. You can also provide more details compared to a vector file.

Which One Is Better?

In the end, it depends on what you need the image for. Some artists like raster images better while others like vector images better. If you plan on using free programs, then raster files may be the way to go because you can transfer them more easily.

If you need something for a logo design or something that will be put on different types of products at different sizes, then maybe a vector image is for you. Each one has their benefits so each one is good depending on what you need.


Vector files are a great way to create your logos, images, and other art pieces. It has a super high resolution at all sizes, and there are so many other benefits. Keep in mind though, vector files are less compatible and you will need vector software to create and edit your design.