Do Vector Images Allow Fonts To Be Placed On Them?

Vector images contain paths and line art that can be edited and changed in many possible ways. There are so many things you can create through these images. But do they allow fonts to be placed in them?

Vector images allow fonts to be placed on them. In fact, almost all fonts, if not all, can be placed on a vector image. They can be resized and rescaled without the fonts becoming blurry or obscured.

Vector layers provide so many things you can do with your fonts. Continue reading to see how to create fonts on your vector images and what you can do with them.

Do Vector Images Permit Fonts?

They sure do. You can create all sorts of fonts on a vector image without compromising the quality of the font. The words and letters don’t become blurry when you make them larger or smaller. 

Most if not all fonts within a software program are based within the vector layer, so you can make these edits with no problem. For all fonts, software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

How To Create Fonts On A Vector Image

How to create a font in a vector layer is not a difficult process, but it is different for each program. You may have to do a few extra steps in one program, while there is a quick shortcut in another. But the basics to finding the fonts are within your program’s menu. Here are some steps:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. You can either create a new vector layer or go straight to inserting a font (at which it will automatically create a new layer).
  3. Find “fonts” in your menu settings.
  4. Pick out the font you want to add.
  5. Type out the text.
  6. Click on any other edits, whether you want it to have shadowing, highlights, colors, etc.
  7. Size the text to what you want.
  8. Place the text where you want.

Remember that each software program is different so these steps may vary. Play around with your fonts to see everything you can do with your texts. You can even download new styles of texts and fonts into your program.

When Should You Use Vector Over Raster For Fonts?

When working in your digital image software, you will set that you can choose between vector or raster. When working with fonts, you should always use vectors before using raster. Raster images don’t give you the freedom and quality of vector layers.

Here are the many reasons why vector images should be used over raster images when you are creating fonts within your design:

  • Vector images provide unlimited capabilities.
  • Raster images have a limited amount of pixels.
  • Editing is easier in vector images than in raster images.
  • Changing the quality of your fonts is better.
  • You don’t lose quality when you change the size of the fonts in vector.
  • Raster images can become grainy, and the quality can go down.
  • You can change the sizes to fit all types of things in vector images.

It is best to make any type of logo or anything with text in vector images. This will allow you to format it on anything like pens, pencils, cups, canvases, and more. You don’t have to worry about your image becoming disoriented.

Best Software To Use Vector Images

There are a lot of software programs out there you can use. You can go for something a little more professional with Adobe Photoshop, or you can go with something a little more affordable like Clip Studio Paint. They all offer great options using vector layers.

Adobe Illustrator is a great option if you are looking for the most out of editing your vector images with texts and fonts. It is affordable and offers a comprehensive library of clip art that you can use to help create your logos and designs. 

Purchasing Fonts And Designs

If fonts seem to be a hassle for you, or you just don’t find anything that seems to fit your image, you can download fonts and designs. There are many platforms that will give you templates so that you can use them instead of starting from scratch. 


Vector images allow you to do so much when it comes to making logos, designs, and other art. You can create things with texts, fonts, and so much more. The capabilities to create whatever you want to seem to be endless. Using vectors images is a great option to choose from.