Do You Need to Get a Bluetooth Stylus? [Facts Explained]

If you’re the owner of a touch screen device, then a Bluetooth stylus may be one of the most useful tools you ever come across. Useful features include smart select photo cropping, palm rejection, and much more.

Any Bluetooth-capable device can pair with a Bluetooth stylus. You need to pay attention to the model though, as some of these will not be capable of pairing with your device. Bluetooth styluses can also always be turned off and used as a normal stylus.

You are invited to continue to the article below to learn more about Bluetooth styluses and their features.

Do You Need to Get a Bluetooth Stylus?

A Bluetooth stylus is certainly not required for any given device, but it does make your life much easier. Continue below to find out if your device is capable of pairing with a Bluetooth stylus.

Will Any Stylus Work on Any Screen?

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPad, a Microsoft Surface Pro, or any other tablet. Any capacitive stylus will work on any touch screen.

A Bluetooth stylus will only connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices. For it to work, it’ll need to be paired specifically to your device.

For this reason, you are always encouraged to double-check to see that any given stylus is compatible with your device before making a purchase.

What Are the Benefits of a Bluetooth Stylus?

A Bluetooth stylus takes the touch screen experience to a whole different level. The primary advantage is increased functionality. You can press buttons to advance slides, erase scribbles, and click on objects on the screen.

You are certainly not limited to these functions alone, as you may be able to do much more than just this on premium models. 

There are a few cons to these. They do need batteries, which means that you’ll have to charge your stylus pen. With all the helpful technology comes increased prices as well.

But if you use your tablet quite often, it’ll be hard to deny the advantages of a Bluetooth stylus once you start using one.

What Can a Bluetooth Stylus Be Used For?

Yes, Bluetooth styluses have many features, but are they worth it? 

Customizing Design Mock-Ups

Bluetooth styluses make it simple to bring your freshest ideas to life. Many graphic artists prefer tablets to the canvas, thanks to the ability to sketch out designs instantaneously. With a Bluetooth stylus, you can easily select and maneuver objects across the screen with the push of a button.

One of the greatest benefits of using a tablet is the ability to import mock-ups from online libraries. has thousands of customizable templates. A simple monthly subscription plan gives you access to these resources.

Tilt Drawing

Some Bluetooth styluses have a tilt drawing function. By altering the amount of pressure you are being applied and the tilt of the stylus, you can change the thickness of the line being drawn. This saves you a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually changing the settings in whichever design platform you are using.

Again this is where mock-up templates can come in handy since they give you an excellent starting point. But if you want to change one fine detail on the template, it’s easy to do so with a Bluetooth stylus with the tilt drawing feature.

The Most Comfortable Stylus You’ll Use

Bluetooth styluses come with palm rejection, which is here to make your life much easier. One of the hardest parts of using a tablet has always been making sure that the rest of your hand stays away from the touch screen.

Palm rejection makes it so you can rest your hand comfortably on the screen. No need to worry about your palm messing with your sketch or selecting the wrong objects.

This works in Bluetooth styluses because the device can isolate the touch of the stylus and reject any finger or hand smudges.

Easy to Crop Screenshots

Styluses such as the Samsung S-Pen allow you to draw a shape anywhere on the screen. If you take a screenshot, then the phone will only take a photo of the area contained within the shape.

No need to crop the photo down after the fact. This feature eliminates the extra steps.

The Smart Select feature comes in handy when you need to quickly customize logo template. It is a feature that Twitch streamers and social media gurus alike are sure to love.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth styluses are compatible with devices that are Bluetooth-capable, although not all styluses can be paired with any given device. It is important to shop around and find a model that has the features you most desire and is compatible with your tablet, phone, or touchscreen laptop.