Does a Business Card Need to Include a Logo?

A memorable logo is part of the allure of a great business card. A business card is not only meant for contact information but also to connect with the customer.

Business cards should have a logo because they will look rather bland without it. It allows you to stand apart from the competition and develop a sense of brand loyalty with the customers. The logo is essential to ensure people do not just toss your business card into the trash.

There are many creative options regarding how to display the logo on your business card. If you want to know if a business card needs to include a logo, check out this article.

Why Does a Business Card Need a Logo?

Building a business is an exciting venture, especially if you are doing work that you are passionate about. There are many issues that you will need to figure out when you make plans for a business. You must think of the perfect name and how you want to present yourself to potential customers.

When building a business, you want to make sure you have many forms of representation. A business card with a logo can make that happen. A logo will capture the customer’s attention and give them a way to remember your business. When you hand someone your business card, it is like a handshake.

A logo can solidify your business. For example, you will need to choose something instantly recognizable, like the famous Starbucks™ logo. When most people think of Starbucks, they think of that green and white-colored scheme with the long-haired mermaid on the cup and their business cards. Not only is it instantly recognizable, but it has also helped Starbucks sell millions of cups of coffee.

The following explains all the reasons why your business card needs a logo:

It Provides Your Business with an Identity

A positive first impression is hard to come by. However, you can accomplish that and more with the right logo for your business. The logo gives your business brand identity. It also gives you a way for your target audience to remember your business, what you sell, or the service you are offering. You can utilize:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Symbols
  • Shapes
  • Slogans

When you look at a company’s logo, it should immediately tell the customer what the product is. You can get as creative as you want with a logo or keep it simple. You get to determine what you want to reveal to the customer.

It Allows You to Stand Out from the Competition

If you want to succeed in business, you need to find a way to give the customers something they cannot get anywhere else. Whether that is a product or a service, you want to make sure that your business offers something that is both different and necessary or useful to them. A unique logo will help customers associate it with that particular business.

Your logo will allow you to stand out. It should be different from any other logo and send a message to the customer. It should grab their attention and show the customer you are different from your competitors. A great logo on a business card should also be hard to forget.

It Makes You Look Professional

A logo will make you look professional and trustworthy; even if the customer has no prior experience with your business, it will make the customer feel a connection. The suitable logo instills feelings in the customer:

  • Trust
  • Honor
  • Pride
  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Value
  • Worth
  • Superiority

The perfect logo for your business will make the customer feel these things about the brand. Your connection with the customer through your logo tells them that the company is trustworthy and valuable.

It Draws in New Customers

Even if your business has existed for years, you will always draw in new customers with a great logo. People like to see unique designs and colors. It should make new customers curious and make old customers feel secure.

Once again, the green and white design of the Starbucks logo stands out in part because of the inviting dark green pop of color. If you have never had a Starbucks coffee, and you see the logo, it will immediately draw you in, and before you know it, you will have a favorite regular latte.  

It Gives You a Foundation to Build Upon

When it comes to having a logo, a business card is just the tip of the ice burg. You can take that logo and use it with other applications that will be sure to please your customers. You can have everything from business cards to mousepads, but that is not all you can also have:

  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Pens
  • Stationary
  • Brochure designs
  • Rubber stamps
  • Tote bags
  • Social media profile images
  • Calendars
  • Sticky notes

The sky is the limit regarding how you want to advertise your logo. It is up to you to determine the items you believe your customers will be interested in. Visit to get some more ideas!

It Creates Brand Loyalty

Customers are typically loyal to the brand because it offers better quality and service than anyone else in their branch of specialty. However, having the spot-on logo is part of what inspires brand loyalty. The logo usually emotionally impacts the customer for them to be loyal to the brand.

A company’s logo should be iconic, such as Apple, for example. Apple makes many different products, and its name is synonymous with quality. You know the product is trustworthy once you see that juicy piece of fruit with a bite taken out of it.

What Should My Business Card Include?

When making your business card, you want it to serve two purposes: to be functional and to make an impression. Business cards should be professional and make you curious about the product or service or reinforce brand loyalty. Most business cards have a logo, as they should.

Business cards should have not only a logo but also pertinent information, such as your name, the name of the business, and who to call or e-mail. You can use the logo as the background for the entire card or make it subtle and put it in the top corner of the card.  

A sound business card is not just a tool for contacting the business; any digital networking tool should never replace it. You want to hand the person the business card physically and want it to look creative enough to make the customer keep it on hand. The following includes a basic idea of what to put on your business card:

  1. Logo and tagline to make sure your business is recognizable
  2. Name and functional title to describe your primary role in the business
  3. Contact information
  4. Your website
  5. Your skills and specialties
  6. Social media profiles (keep it professional)
  7. White space to keep it clean
  8. Creativity to make it unique and memorable

These are basic guidelines for what you should put on your business card. You want to make it a visual connection between you and the customer.


All business cards need a great logo to make them memorable and create brand loyalty. You want people to love your business card so much that they cannot help but contact you!