Does Affinity Designer Have Clip Art?

Affinity Designer is among the best vector image editing software available today. That said, with all of its fancy features, how is it at handling the basics of image editing? Does Affinity Designer have clip art? 

Affinity Designer can use clipart, however, depending on the clipart you want you will need to download it from an online provider or create it yourself. There are plenty of places online that offer clipart compatible with Affinity Designer. Perhaps, the most prominent of these is Creative Market.

If you’d like to use clipart in your next Affinity Designer project, but you’re not sure how, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide below we will discuss some of the best places to find clipart for Affinity as well as how to actually use it on the most fundamental level. Additionally, we’ll even discuss which is better for clipart, Clip Studio Paint or Affinity Designer. Let’s dive right in!

Where Do You Find Clipart in Affinity Designer?

Finding good clipart is half the battle. Still, when you’re using software like Affinity Designer, you’ve got to wonder where the best places to get it are. So, where do you find clipart for Affinity Designer? 

Below we’ve listed some of the best places to find clipart for Affinity Designer with a brief description of each site: 

  • Creative Market: Creative Market actually has packages of clipart specifically for Affinity Designer. The clipart they offer is great for any simple designs and patterns you would like to create. 
  • Shutterstock: Shutterstock is a great resource for clipart. While they are mainly known for their real images, shutterstock offers some of the most variety when it comes to downloadable clipart. While the clipart here isn’t advertised directly for Affinity Designer the way it is on Creative Market, it still is compatible. 
  • Clip Ground: Like Creative Market, Clip Ground offers packages of clipart specifically for Affinity Designer. This is one of the most reliable resources for usable clipart in Affinity Designer. 

Any one of these sites makes for a great resource. Of course, if you’d like to broaden the amount of options you have you could use any combination of them as well. The best one for you will really come down to your individual project and what it calls for. 

How Do I Add Clipart in Affinity Designer?

So how exactly does clipart work in Affinity Designer? Do you import it the way you would with any other set of images or is there a special way it has to be imported?

When you add clipart in Affinity Designer you do it the way you would with any other image assets. You can follow tutorials online if you would like to use that clipart to create more elaborate designs. 

Is Affinity Designer Better Than Clip Studio Paint?

Those looking to use clipart have almost certainly considered using Clip Studio Paint instead of Affinity Designer for their project. The question that leaves, of course, is which one is better, particularly for clipart?

While Clip Studio Paint is known for being a great software when working with clipart, it can’t quite stand up to Affinity Designer. With Affinity Designer you can create clipart designs that are just as good–if not better–than those in Clip Studio Paint, but you also get all the tools of vector editing at your disposal.

We should briefly mention here that if you’re looking for a great service to use clipart in, you should check out Placeit. Placeit allows you to use clipart to create everything from T-shirt designs to basic logos. They are easy to use and intuitive, meaning you can just start dragging and dropping things wherever you want them. They are one of the best for this kind of art!

So Really, Does Affinity Designer Have Clip Art?

Affinity Designer does allow for the use of clipart. You can use the editing software itself to create the clipart or you can go to sites like Creative Market, ShutterStock or Clip Ground to download it directly. Wherever you get the clipart from, it will be used in much the same way that other image files are used. 

While Affinity isn’t the only software out there capable of handling clipart–there are others like Clip Studio Paint as well–it is one of the best. That’s because along with the ability to use clipart comes all the vector editing capabilities one could want as well. With such a bold combination of features you can create virtually any design you can imagine.