Does Affinity Photo Work With a Drawing Tablet?

Working with Affinity Photo is a wonderful way to make the perfect graphic designs or edit your favorite pictures. Affinity Photo works seamlessly with many different systems but you may find yourself wondering which is the best.

Affinity Photo is best used with a drawing tablet as you can use a pen instead of a mouse. Using a drawing tablet and pen gives me more precise control over what you are wanting to edit.

Whether you use the app on your computer, phone or your favorite drawing tablet Affinity Photo is a great software choice however a tablet will be your best bet. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about using Affinity Photo with your favorite drawing tablet.

What Drawing Tablet Is Best for Using Affinity Photo?

Drawing tablets and traditional tablets are the best choices when using Affinity Photo. Choosing the perfect tablet to use with the software is important. Wacom tablets are an excellent choice and one of the best drawing tablets you can use with the software.

Drawing tablets specifically Wacom tablets are designed to work well with all software. Affinity does not support certain tablets or work as well as it could therefore the best options are:

  • Apple iPads
  • Cintiq 16
  • Series Intuos PRO
  • Wacom Intuos Pro
  • Wacom L
  • XP-PEN

All of these tablets can be used by beginners up to a professional graphic designer. Some people have trouble with a Wacom tablet at first which makes the other tablets on the list an excellent choice. Wacom tablets will not have a visible screen as many drawing tablets do not and instead you will watch the computer screen as you draw or edit your images.

How to Use a Wacom Tablet With Affinity Photo?

To use most Wacom tablets with Affinity Photo you will need to hook your drawing tablet up to a computer. Most Wacom tablets do not have a screen that lights up as a traditional tablet would. Instead, there is a smooth surface that you can use the pen on while watching your computer screen.

It takes time to get used to a Wacom tablet and practicing is the best way to learn how to use the drawing tablet. It may take weeks to get used to watching a different screen while you draw. Over time it will become easier, and many people prefer Wacom tablets.

Will Affinity Photo Work on a Computer?

Affinity works on most computers as long as they are not outdated and meet the requirements for the software. There are minimum requirements needed but it’s advised to have well over the minimum. Affinity photo requires a computer to have:

  • Windows based computer
  • Mac
  • DirectX 10-compatible graphics card
  • 2GB Ram
  • 934MB hard drive space
  • 1280×768 display size

If your computer meets all of these requirements, you will easily be able to edit your photos. Many people use Affinity photos with their computers to edit photos professionally. It is a great software to use no matter what brand of computer you own as long as it will meet the minimum requirements for the software.

Does Affinity Photo Work on Surface Pro?

Affinity Photo works well with Surface Pro computers. Surfaces have many features that make them great for using the tablet as a drawing tablet. Not only do they have all of the features of a computer they also make wonderful drawing tablets.

Surface Pros pens allow you to seamlessly use the Affinity Photo software whether it is through a software download or using the app. Many artists enjoy using Surface Pros to create wonderful works of art along with editing pictures easily.

Surface Pros are lightweight and can be taken anymore. The only reason they are not the best choice to use with Affinity Photo is some people prefer different programs such as Mac or Apple products. That is why Wacom is a great universal choice.

Benefits of Using Affinity Over Other Editing Software

Affinity Photo software has many great benefits compared to other software on the market. No matter what type of device you choose you will have all of these great benefits that come with Affinity.

Speed Is Extremely Fast

With Affinity, you can pan and zoom at speeds of 60fps while viewing real-time effects and blending. Your drawing tablet will be able to keep up with your editing and drawing skills.

Long History

Unlike some software out there, Affinity allows you to undo and redo over 8,000 steps. You can also:

  • Autosave
  • Cycle features
  • Save History to undo steps later
  • Store snapshots

You will never lose your challenging work again with the autosave. The ability to back up so far in your steps is an excellent feature.

Improved Performance

If you are new to Affinity, you will love the features and if you have used it for years, you have noticed the great updates in performance.

Great Design Layout

Everyone loves the uncomplicated design of Affinity; you will not be overwhelmed by clutter or random unused buttons. Affinity was designed by people like you to make it extremely user-friendly you will also be able to make your shortcuts with your favorite features.

Customizable For Everyone’s Needs

Whether you like a dark/light interface or want to change your toolbar to meet your needs, you can easily customize every aspect of Affinity.

No Subscription Pricing

When paying for Affinity you will only pay a one-time fee giving you full access to the software. You will also get free updates as new versions come out. Affinity is also more affordable than other software out there.

Finding the Perfect Drawing Tablet to Use Affinity Photo

Any device that you choose to use Affinity Photo on will work as long it meets the minimum requirements. In the end, you need to choose the device that meets your needs and that has your favorite program.