Does GIMP Have Pressure Sensitivity Support?

If you are new to editing and enhancing your images and graphics with GIMP you may be wondering if it has pressure sensitivity support. Understanding the program you are using will make the editing process easier and your end products look more polished and professional.

Pressure sensitivity in GIMP can be achieved while using a tablet. To swap from the mouse to the stylus on the tablet, certain settings must be changed. Once the settings are changed GIMP will acknowledge that you are using the tablet and react according to how much pressure is applied.

To learn more about how pressure sensitivity works in GIMP continue reading for helpful information.

GIMP Transforms Your Images – From Basic to Boujee

In this day and age of mind-blowing technology, graphic design has moved to a whole new level. People expect to see high-quality images and graphics.

Gone are the days of poor image quality and pixelated graphics. People want to be visually pleased when they look at something. If the images/graphics staring back at them are not interesting and of good quality, it is likely that they will quickly move on to something else.

To avoid people from perusing too quickly at your designs you can use your tablet in conjunction with the GIMP program to make your final projects look like true works of art.

What is Pressure Sensitivity?

Pressure sensitivity has to do with the amount of pressure you are applying when using a writing utensil of any kind. In this case, we are referring to the stylus used on a tablet.

Either way, it works the same, whether using a pencil on a piece of paper or the smooth screen of a tablet. If you are sketching on a piece of paper and wish for a certain area to be darker you simply apply more pressure with your pencil.

Conversely, if you wish for a lighter line simply apply less pressure. The same goes for the stylus on a tablet. That is the beauty of the pressure sensitivity settings. You can make more dynamic and realistic images and graphics that attract the eye to what you are advertising.

In addition to creating awesome images, it saves a lot of time as you won’t have to keep going back to change the opacity of your lines/shading like you do when using a traditional mouse.

Continue reading to learn the basic steps for using pressure sensitivity settings with GIMP and a tablet.

Simple Steps to Achieve Pressure Sensitivity in GIMP

Depending upon the version of GIMP you are using and the type of tablet you have some settings may be different however here are the basic steps to getting your GIMP program to work in conjunction with your tablet.

1. Plugging In

Although it may not always be necessary it is recommended that you plug your tablet into your computer before opening GIMP to be sure the program recognizes that it is plugged in.

2. Adjust Settings

Once GIMP is open navigate to the menu at the top of the screen and click on the Edit tab. Once the menu opens scroll to the input devices tab. Then you will click on the button that says configure extended input device. From there another menu will open.

You will scroll until you see the name of your tablet followed by the words pressure stylus.  Once you highlight the correct option there is an option to enable the pressure stylus via a drop-down menu on the right side of the box. Once enabled simply save and close the menu.

3. Verify That Settings are Correct

After the settings menu has been closed look to the left side of the screen. There is a box that says Dynamics. If the Dynamics tab is set to Pressure Opacity you have accomplished the task and can move on to the next step.

4. Time to Get Creative

Now that you have adjusted the settings properly your tablet should work smoothly with GIMP. It can take some time to get used to the stylus and how much pressure to apply but once you practice a little you will be pumping out beautiful works of art and top-notch graphics.

Improve Quality, Save Time with Pressure Sensitivity in GIMP

So now that you know how easy it is to use pressure sensitivity with GIMP you will be able to create and edit images/graphics with ease. Higher quality work will put you a step above the competition.