Does Grammarly Work With PowerPoint?

Grammarly is a practical tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to correct grammar and phrases. Tons of people use this application every year to help with items such as emails, essays, and articles. One of the most common forms of writing in the modern workplace appears in PowerPoint presentations. Does Grammarly work with PowerPoint?

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not yet support the integration of Microsoft PowerPoint. This trouble can be frustrating for writers, as the built-in grammar check in the suite is less than ideal. Luckily, there are ways around this trouble.

If you’re interested in learning how to use Grammarly with PowerPoint, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about how to use Grammarly with PowerPoint and if it’s worth it for the application. The more you know, the better your presentations will become. Let’s get started.

How To Use Grammarly With PowerPoint

Grammarly does not work with PowerPoint directly. However, there are still ways to use the application in conjunction with your presentation to ensure you have proper grammar and spelling before stepping in front of a crowd. These might require a little more work, but they are worth it for the best results in front of everyone.

Here are the three ways you can use Grammarly with PowerPoint:

  • Utilize Microsoft Word Integration
  • Try The Desktop Application
  • Use The Grammarly Web Application

These will provide the best corrections for your words.

Let’s discuss each method of using Grammarly with PowerPoint to provide the best possible experience. The better you become at Grammarly, the more professional your presentations appear. There are many ways around the current state of Grammarly with PowerPoint, and all of them will help ensure your presentation is the best it can be.

Utilize Microsoft Word Integration

The first thing you can do is try Microsoft word integration. This method is an excellent way to handle Grammarly with PowerPoint, even if it means taking on a little additional work to move your words from one application to another. Let’s discuss how this action happens once you are ready to make corrections.

Here are the steps you need to follow to take advantage of Microsoft word integration:

  1. Install Grammarly for Word
  2. Open the Word app
  3. Look for the Grammarly button at the top of the page
  4. Copy the PowerPoint text
  5. Paste it into word
  6. Correct as needed

You can have excellent Grammarly corrections at this point.

It does take a little copying, pasting, and transferring to get the information you need from Microsoft word integration. However, the result will be more accurate than the spell and grammar check on the Microsoft applications.

Try The Desktop Application

You can also try the Grammarly desktop application for all your PowerPoint needs. If you have a Mac or Windows computer, you can download the application for free on your PC. It only takes a little work to ensure your presentation words are as precise as possible.

Here’s how you can use the desktop application:

  1. Head to the website and download the application
  2. Click on the editor
  3. Copy and paste the words in your presentation
  4. Paste them into Grammarly

Make corrections as needed from that point.

The desktop application is separate from the Microsoft Suite but provides a more in-depth analysis of what you’re writing. It’s worth having on your desktop if you plan to write critical documents more than once.

Use The Grammarly Web Application

Last but not least, you can use the Grammarly web application. This option is better if you only need to use Grammarly quickly. It’s still there if you need it, but the application isn’t downloaded on your computer.

Here is how to use the Grammarly web application with PowerPoint:

  1. Head to the Grammarly website
  2. Make an account if you don’t have one
  3. Navigate to the new tab
  4. Copy and paste your words into Grammarly
  5. Make corrections as needed

You can also upload your document into Grammarly if the words are on another document.

The Grammarly web application doesn’t require commitment and is easy to navigate online. If you want to make correcting your PowerPoint as painless as possible, try Grammarly in its most basic format on the web application instead of the downloadable option.

Is Grammarly Worth It For PowerPoint?

It takes a lot of additional effort to use Grammarly with PowerPoint. Since there is already a correction system built inside each of the Office applications, it might seem like a waste to use Grammarly for your PowerPoint. Is it worth it to go through the process of accessing Grammarly for your PowerPoint?

Grammarly is worth it because it:

  • Catches things that the human eye misses
  • Works on phrases and wording as well
  • Makes it possible to create sleek and flawless presentations

You can’t fail with a PowerPoint presentation that has gone through Grammarly.

If you have a little patience, Grammarly is worth it for PowerPoint. It will take your presentations to the next level and ensure there is no way anyone can make fun of your hard work. Grammarly is like having a professional editor on your shoulder at all times. If you aren’t a confident writer, it will quickly become your tool of choice on the internet.

Final Thoughts

Grammarly is one of the most popular artificial intelligence systems on the market for those who want some corrections for their professional work. PowerPoint doesn’t work directly with Microsoft Suite, but there are still ways to utilize it in conjunction with your presentation. Extra work will ensure you present the best possible material in front of everyone.

We hope this information was helpful! If you have a presentation to give, it needs to be professional. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your next big job assignment or to convince your parents to buy a car – everything should be for the ideal results. Grammarly is the best way to pick up anything you may have missed with your human eyes. It’s incredible.