Does Placeit Always Have a Watermark?

If you are familiar with Placeit, you may be familiar with some of the things they have to offer. However, when you use Placeit for your image or logo, you may find that the artwork is watermarked. This watermark is created automatically and can be annoying if you can’t figure out how to remove it. This leaves many to ask the question: Does Placeit always have a watermark?

The short answer is no, Placeit puts a watermark on artwork that has not been paid for. You can remove the watermark from Placeit by purchasing the single artwork download, or signing up for a paid subscription.

Reading this article will help you figure out which method of removing these watermarks is best for you.

Does Placeit Have a Watermark?

As you may know, Placeit is an online platform that allows users to create logos, images, videos, and more. There are copyright safety concerns that take place when using Placeit that may include watermarks.

Watermarks are typically on the majority of any image or logo found online. These not only provide custom branding, but also ensure they are not being stolen and used as someone else’s design when you are the creator.

Placeit watermarks all of it’s artwork templates until the user has logged into their paid subscription account, or purchased a single download template.

Placeit has Free Templates

If you are someone who is looking for a free template to use for your logo or design, then you’ll want to consider Placeit’s Free Templates.

Placeit offers 100% free templates to customize and download. These templates are the exception to the rule, whereas the free templates on Placeit do not have a watermark when downloaded. All you need to do is create a free account. This lets you save, download, edit and use these free templates how you intend to.

Removing a Watermark from Placeit

Since Placeit is a paid platform that requires a subscription, the easy way to remove the watermark from a Placeit template is by purchasing a subscription. Once purchased, any assets that you create will not have a watermark. There are 2 purchase options:

Unlimited Subscription
– $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year
– Includes unlimited access to all of Placeit’s templates
Single Purchases
– You only pay for what asset you need
– This is mainly for those one-time use scenarios

Pro Tip: In most cases, it’s cheaper to buy a single month of Unlimited than to buy a single purchase download. Using a coupon code can bring the monthly cost down to only $12.70 for a full month of Unlimited.


Because Placeit is a paid subscription platform, Placeit watermarks are inevitable unless you purchase each asset individually or purchase a subscription.

However, for only $12.70 you can get a full month of Unlimited Placeit downloads and get as many watermark-free templates as your heart desires.