Etsy Shop Banner Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Etsy is one of the most popular websites for small businesses to sell their products and creations. However, it can still present some issues if the banner the store owner uploads isn’t showing up on their store page. Fortunately, there are also solutions to the majority of issues store owners might face with their banners.

The most common issues that Etsy banners have are compatibility issues and internet connection issues. Both of these issues have very easy fixes, and Etsy has technical support you can contact if the issue persists.

The following article is a step by step guide on how to fix multiple issues that can occur with your shop banner. It also includes a brief guide on how to make a professional Etsy shop banner with

Banner Size Issues

If your banner is too small or too big, then it could have issues with showing up properly on your store front page. The best way to fix this issue is to make sure your banner is the right size before uploading it, or resize it and reupload it.

The banner on your Etsy store front page has to be a specific size in order to show up properly. If it’s too big, then customers won’t be able to see the entire banner. But if it’s too small, then the banner could also look off. The best way to fix this issue is to make sure your banner is the right size before uploading it. You can also resize your banner and then reupload it.

Your store front banner must be at least 2,000 pixels wide, and can’t exceed more than 300 thousand pixels. Banner images that are too large might stall when trying to load up, or might not even load at all. If your banner image is too big, then using image editing software to compress it will likely solve the problem. If not, you may have to edit your banner more to shrink the pixel size.

Banner images that are too small also won’t load up correctly on your store page. They might appear blurry or only take up a small amount of space on the page. If your banner is too small, then you can also use image editing software to resize it.

Banner Image Upload Issues

Your banner image might experience uploading issues if you have a weak internet connection or Etsy isn’t compatible with your current browser. Checking your internet connection and that your browser is updated should fix these issues.

Banner images take a lot of energy to upload, so it’s important to make sure your internet connection is strong while you’re uploading your banner. If your internet is being slower than usual, sign out of your Etsy account and turn off your computer or laptop. You should then reboot your router or modem to establish a newer and stronger connection.

If your internet connection isn’t the problem, then the uploading issue might be happening because your browser isn’t compatible with Etsy. Trying to upload a banner image to Etsy from an older version of a browser won’t work, so it’s important to make sure your browsers are fully updated.

For example, if you’re using Internet Explorer, then make sure you disable any add ons or toolbars that didn’t come with your browser. When these are running in the background of your browser, they can zap the energy of the browser and cause uploading issues. Making sure there aren’t any browser uploads in your settings folder will also prevent this issue from occurring.

Banner File Compatibility Issues

The last thing that might be preventing your banner from working is file compatibility issues. Etsy only takes certain file types, and adhering to all of the requirements will prevent these issues from occurring.

The type of file you upload to Etsy is very important, since the website only takes certain types of files. The files that Etsy takes include:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF, but not animated gif files

If you download your file as a PDF or a docx, then it won’t upload. So make sure your banner image files are the appropriate type to avoid any compatibility issues. Other things that can affect the compatibility of your files is color and orientation.

Etsy requires you to use a certain color profile for your store front images, including your banner. Etsy uses the sRGB color profile, which can be found in the majority of image editing software. It’s recommended that you switch your banner image to this color profile to ensure the colors will look correct once you upload it.

Finally, your image could be the wrong orientation, and that’s why it isn’t working or looks odd. Etsy automatically flips any uploaded photos, so they might be flipped sideways depending on the information included in the banner image file. Using a graphic design tool like can help you avoid this issue, and ensure your banner is orientated correctly when you upload it.

How To Make a Professional Etsy Shop Banner

The steps to making the best Etsy shop banner is to make sure you adhere to the website requirements and use the right software. Adhering to the site requirements will prevent any issues from occurring. Using the right software will also make the entire process easier.

Adhering to the file type and image size requirements that Etsy has is the best way to make sure you create a store banner that looks professional. It will prevent you from having to redo and edit your banner image multiple times until it looks right. But in order to create a banner that adheres to the website requirements, you will need a high quality software to make it. is one of the best image creating softwares on the market. It has everything you need to make the best banner for your store front. It also has editing software that you can use to make sure your banner adheres to the file and image size requirements. By using this software and double checking that your banner meets the website requirements, you can avoid the issues described above completely.

Final Thoughts

There are many things that can go wrong with Etsy shop banners, but they all have relatively simple fixes. They can also be easily avoided by adhering to the website requirements, and using an Etsy banner template is the easiest way to make sure your banner will appear correctly.