How Many Hours Does a Branding Project Take?

Creating a brand to get the word out when starting a business is essential. There is no clear-cut answer for many people as to how long a branding project can take to complete. So, you are left wondering how long it can take a branding project to be completed from start to finish.

A branding project can take about thirty hours, or in some cases up to six months. However, there are varying factors to consider for why it can take this long, from the size of your company, to your approach, to budgeting.

Read more about the varying factors to determine how long a branding project can take.

How Many Hours Does a Branding Project Take?

Creating a brand is a long process for many, but how long it will take depends on varying factors for each given company. Please keep reading to learn more about the four different, varying aspects of how long it will take you to brand a project.

1. Size of Your Business

Depending on the size of your business can determine how long it will take for a branding project. If you have a larger company and work well together, while it can take a long time, it can, at the same time, take a significantly shorter time because you can have many people doing various tasks within your branding project.

2. Branding Team

With a branding team for your branding project, the determining factor for how long it will take to complete your project will be determined by the size of your team and how well you all agree or compromise with one another. From naming the project, logo design and advertising have to be decided upon by a branding team before going forward with the project.

And beyond the logo designs, there will be mockups that may or may have to be revised depending on the agreeance of the branding team.

3. Branding Strategy and Research

Researching for your brand is an essential aspect of creating your brand project. From competition to your target audience, once you’ve established this, you will be able to delve into a branding strategy. You are creating a branding strategy that includes determining what your company values, creating a mission statement, and establishing why people should consider your brand.

4. Budgeting

Budgeting before committing to your branding project saves you a lot of time because you are establishing, before going any further, how much money you are willing to spend on your business. So, for example, if you do not have a large team or budget, there are strategies to create your brand yourself at an affordable price.

To create mockups of your logo for your brand on a budget, you can use websites such as to see what your logo will look like on a model or a billboard.

How to Create a Brand

Once you’ve budgeted and gone through the initial steps of creating a team to jumpstart creating a brand, it is now time to make the brand itself official. Keep reading to learn more about the five tips on creating a brand.

1. Determine the Theme

Determine your central theme or goal when creating your brand. Your brand’s purpose will set the tone of what your company will be about and what you can offer. To determine this, you will need to sit down with a team, small or large, and brainstorm your priorities within the company as a starting point to brainstorm further.

2. Research

Once the brainstorming has commenced, the next is to research. Conduct extensive research on any potential competitors and your target audience. In signaling out any competitors, this will help you determine what your brand will be and helps you stand out from other businesses. And having a target audience will encourage you to make a good impression and build a connection with them.

To determine your target audience, different research methods can include:

  • Surveys: Companies can conduct surveys via phone call, email, etc. The survey questions can be given to different people to determine your target audience, and the questions can either be open or closed-ended to help decide on your demographic.
  • Social Media: Connecting with your audience on social media and building a following can help to ensure a gauge of your demographic. Sharing thoughts and opinions on social media as a company can create a lot of engagement between followers and the company.
  • Observing: Whether in-person or through social media, observing from the sidelines can help you notice others’ likes or dislikes. Watching others can help determine the direction you want to go with your brand.

3. Design the Logo

Design your logo to help advertise your brand. Your logo enables you to stand out from other businesses by giving your company an official identity of who you are and what you stand for. Many factors go into creating a design, such as style, colors, font, etc. Again, websites such as provide many different options for ways of branding and logo designs to help and give you a jumpstart.

4. Advertise

Once you’ve designed the logo and established what your brand is about, further advertise it after installing a marketing plan. Marketing your brand can vary from social media posts, videos, commercials, billboards, etc.

So, brainstorm a budgeting strategy and outline how you will be advertising your brand and who your target audience will be along the way.

Different advertising methods can include:

  • Social media ads.
  • Influencer marketing through social media influencers and celebrities.
  • Positive testimonials from those who have used your product.
  • Giveaways.

5. Adjust and Revise Along the Way

After advertising, you will need to revise and adjust your brand. Over the years, there will need to be updated to appease your customers, stand out from the competition, and continue to stand out. Like many businesses, it is essential to stay up to date on what people are interested in so you are not left behind.


You have now learned about the different factors determining how long branding a project can take you and various tips on creating a brand from scratch.

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