How Much Do Stream Overlays Cost to Have Made?

Online streaming has taken over the world. Many people across the world enjoy streaming themselves playing video games online, and even more people enjoy watching them do so. One thing that sets the most successful streamers apart is having a stream overlay. If you’re considering commissioning a custom stream overlay from a graphic designer, you may be wondering how much it will cost.

Generally, custom stream overlays cost between $20-$300 to have made. However, the exact cost will vary greatly based on the designer you work with and the complexity of your design. The most complex designs from experienced designers can cost up to $500.

Below, we’ll discuss more information on the cost of having a stream overlay designed by a graphic artist. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

How Much Do Stream Overlays Cost?

Stream overlays have become more and more popular among the most successful streamers. These overlays are only visible to you as the streamer, meaning that no one watching your stream will be able to see them. Depending on the complexity of your design, your overlay can include different graphics that give you information about your stream.

Some of these might include:

  • Stream alerts
  • Screens
  • Transitions
  • Event lists
  • Animations

If you’re looking to streamline your experience and begin streaming like a true professional, you may consider hiring a designer to create a custom stream overlay. But first, you need to know how much you should expect to spend.

The price of a custom stream overlay can vary greatly based on the designer you choose and the complexity of your design. Some may cost as little as $20, while other designers may charge you as much as $500. Generally, however, the price range falls between $20-$300.

Before you choose a designer to work on your custom overlay, ask them about their pricing structure. Some designers charge by the hours they spend creating your overlay, while others will give you a fixed price.

If you want a particularly complex design with many panels or animations, it’s probably best to work with a designer who charges a fixed price. If your design is relatively simple, working with a designer who charges by the hour may be more economical.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Stream Overlay?

Today, many of the most successful streamers on Twitch work with a stream overlay to see important information about how their streams are going.

Some of the information an overlay can provide you with includes:

  • Chat logs
  • Stream status
  • Viewer counts

If you want to break into the world of professional streaming, having an overlay is a must. It will help you stand out among other streamers and curate a more tailored, professional presence for your viewers.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your overlay will not be visible to anyone other than you. So, if you do choose to purchase a custom overlay, make sure you keep this in mind as you determine how much you want to spend.

Can I Make My Own Stream Overlay?

If you want a stream overlay but don’t want to spend any money on one, you have a couple of options. You could download a free pre-made overlay, or you could make your own.

There are many programs you can use to create your own stream overlay. Some of your options include:

GIMP is a free program you can download onto your computer to design a stream overlay. Photoshop is another popular program, but it requires a monthly subscription. Both require you to create a custom stream overlay from scratch.

Make Your Own Stream Overlay Using Placeit

If you’d like to customize a stream overlay template to fit your gaming style, consider using Just visit the website and search for “stream overlays” or “Twitch overlays” to find a range of free, customizable, and downloadable templates.

Using, you can customize your template right on the website using their free design options, then download and use it when you’re done. While GIMP and Photoshop are ideal for anyone with a decent amount of graphic design experience, is more appropriate for inexperienced designers who just want to create a stream overlay.

Making your own stream overlay comes with many benefits. You can get exactly what you want without spending any money or waiting on edits, and if you get good enough at it, you could even begin creating them for others to make a little extra money!

Final Thoughts

Depending on who you work with, the cost of having a stream overlay can vary greatly. It could cost as little as $20, or you could pay up to $500 for an intricate design.

If you don’t want to pay for a stream overlay, you could always download one of the free pre-made options available online, or you could download a graphic design program and attempt to make your own.