How Much Should You Charge a Friend for a Logo?

As a graphic designer, chances are that people you know will ask for your help at some point or another. If a friend needs a logo for their new company, rebranding, or website, they may turn to you for a design. If this happens, you may be unsure of how much to charge them. So, how much should you charge a friend for a logo?

If you are comfortable with charging full price and believe your work is worth it, do not be afraid to do so. On the other hand, there are different options you could consider when deciding if or how you should charge a friend for a logo.

Continue reading to learn more about how much you should charge a friend for a logo. Since you are providing a specialized service to them, it is perfectly acceptable for you to make the decision yourself. If you are willing to bargain with them, the choice is also yours. Below is information that will better help you how to decide how much to charge a friend for a logo.

How Much Should You Charge a Friend for a Logo?

You can charge a friend anywhere from your typical price to no price at all. Additionally, you may choose to charge your friend for a logo in a different way. For example, you could bargain with them. As the saying goes, “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” If your friend has something equally valuable to offer in return, this can be a great way to avoid any discomfort of charging them.

On the other hand, you should not feel guilty to charge a friend for a logo. After all, doing so for them takes time out of your schedule where you could otherwise be making money from designs for other clients. Although it may be a friend, your friend should understand that what you create is a part of your profession. If you make a career out of graphic design – or simply get extra spending money for commissions now and again – then saying your work always costs a price is justifiable. 

In certain situations, you might decide to design a logo for a friend for free. This could be for several reasons:

  • They have done something for you in the past
  • They have told you they will return the favor
  • You believe that charging friends and family for services is unethical

There could be other reasons, but these might be common instances. Graphic designers often warn against charging a friend for a logo at a discounted price. It is believed that if you are going to charge them cash at all, you should not take away from the worth of your work. If you have a minimum, you should stick to it.

Is It Okay to Charge a Friend for a Logo?

As mentioned, it is perfectly acceptable to charge a friend for a logo. If they do not accept that your talent and labor are worth the price you charge, their logo may not be worth designing. Your time and efforts are precious, and your work should be saved for those who value it as much as you.

Below you can find details of approaches to consider if you do not want to charge your friend cash for a logo design. While it is justifiable, you might not feel comfortable making your friend pay, even if you have to spend extensive time on their logo.

How to Decide How Much to Charge a Friend for a Logo

If you decide to charge a friend cash for their logo, you should charge them your typical rate. On the other hand, you might decide to receive compensation from them in other ways. Whether you decide on your own or present them with the ideas listed, this can be a smooth way to avoid any discomfort.

Consider the Style

Before deciding how or how much to charge your friend for their logo, analyze what they are looking for, how much time it will take, and what you would expect in return for your favor. If it is a simple logo, you might not feel the need to ask for much. However, a complex design could result in your seeking equal compensation in the form of services from your friend’s profession.

Consider Other Ways They Could Repay You

One popular way you could receive compensation for your work is through a separate but equal favor from your friend:

  • A mechanic could fix a dysfunctional car part
  • A barista could give you coffee discounts
  • A financial advisor could meet with you about investments
  • A nanny could watch your kids for a night or two out on the town

No matter what your friend’s profession may be, there should be a way they could repay you with their services. If this does not suit your fancy, there are other options.

If you value the relationship between yourself and your friend a certain way, you might not think it fair to charge them for your design services. What is more, you might trust that they will repay you in some way down the road.

Lastly, you can simply charge them your base fee plus extra charges for certain design techniques. As you have learned, charging your normal rate is fine and should be understood by your friend.

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You can either show your friend Placeit so they can use it to create their own logo, or you can use Placeit to quickly create a logo for them. This way it only takes a few minutes, while still making a professional looking logo, and you don’t have to charge them an arm and a leg for your valuable time.


If you decide to charge your friend money for a logo, you should stick with your typical rate. If you would prefer to stray away from cash services, there are other ways to bargain with your friend and make the design process worth your time and theirs.

Alternatively, you can also use Placeit’s logo maker to quickly create a logo for them and not charge them at all, or simply introduce them to Placeit so they can make their own logo.