How Much Should You Charge for a Letterhead?

How Much Should You Charge for a Letterhead?

Producing a creative letterhead design is helpful to any business, as it demonstrates brand recognition and professionalism of your business. A letterhead will contain pertinent information regarding the business, and it will draw the customer in with the logo.

If the letterhead is simple, you should charge about $100. $400 to $700 is a reasonable price for an intermediate design. If the design is complex and you are an expert designer, you can charge $1,000 and up for a business letterhead or logo. 

If you are charging that much for a logo design, you will likely need to give the client ownership of the brand. If you would like to discover additional information about how much you should charge for letterhead design, this article can help.

What Are from Factors to Consider When Pricing a Letterhead?

The prices of letterhead will vary depending on the type of design that is being created for the customer and how complicated it is. It will also depend on your level of experience. Are you a new designer? Have you been in the business for a few years? These are all factors to consider when you are pricing a letterhead.

Business letterheads help establish good business relationships and demonstrate a higher level of professionalism. The factors to think about when pricing a letterhead include the time you will need to complete the project, the budget of the client, potential profit later, and a fair price.

Pricing can be tricky. The following further explain some factors for pricing:

  • The budget of the client. Smaller companies cannot afford top-notch designers or letterheads. IT depends on what they can afford.
  • There may be a more significant profit later. The first job for the company may not be your last, and there may be something more essential for you to do later.
  • The time you spend on each project should be a factor. If your schedule is filled up with projects and deadlines, your time on the project may cost more.
  • Offer a fair price for each factor you consider. It may be worth it creatively, and it will help build a better business relationship.

Knowing how much to charge for a letterhead design can be challenging. You will need to consider all the above factors and make your best estimate.

What Are the Different Ways You Can Price a Letterhead?

As a designer, you will be presented with the opportunity to determine how much your work is worth. If you are an expert-level designer, you can get away with charging more to make a profit. There are different ways you can find the right price for you and your client.

Charge Hourly

There are some critical elements in successfully charging by the hour for your work:

  • Discipline
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Motivation

Charging hourly only works when you have open communication with the client. Your client has no idea how long it takes to make the perfect logo for their brand. You will need documentation to show your work. You need to record your time and expenses carefully and consistently check in with the client.

When Does Hourly Pricing Work?

Hourly pricing is a good option in a few different scenarios:

  • You regularly work with the same client
  • The project’s development process is unclear
  • The project scope has changed many times with the client
  • You are doing complicated or technical work

It can be even more difficult to price when you work by the hour if you are a fast worker. Make sure you have everything recorded to know the work it took to create the letterhead.

Price Per Project

Project-based or flat rate pricing is the most common way to do it. It is a way to charge regardless of the project’s time and cost. With this method, the amount of effort put into the project is often overlooked.

There may need to be changes or revisions, which are not included in the cost. You may lose profit or have that uncomfortable conversation with the client regarding bumping up the price. Pricing per project can give you a decent profit, but it can be dicey.

If you often perform the same type of work for clients, this option may be advantageous for you. This method of pricing is helpful if:    

  • The client inquires about money quite a bit upfront
  • You can get the project completed in less time than the client’s estimate

With this type of pricing, you may be able to cut costs and increase profit. It may also be ideal if you work well with time estimates.

Retainer Pricing

A retainer is preset and pre-billed for a time period or amount of work. It can be centered on time or value. With this method, you can do what is called “rolling over,” which is when clients can rollover any unused hours to the following month. The other option is called “use it or lose it.” In this method, any unused time is dropped, and the balance resets to -0- the next month.

With a retainer, you can make a good profit. You are paid the same amount no matter how much time the project takes to complete.

Value-Based Pricing

How much experience you have with your client affects how much you can charge. If you have a lot of experience with a particular client and technology or style design, you may be able to charge more. If you are an expert, clients can see that they can hire you to deliver the goods.

Package Pricing

You could charge for a brand package. One example might be:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business card
  • Letterhead

The only downside to this type of pricing is that you put making a profit above the client’s needs, which is not a good way to conduct business. However, package pricing is suitable for larger design companies.

Performance Means Profit

This method is excellent when you have legal support. It can help build better relationships with clients, as the fee is based on the quality of your work. It will require an iron-clad contract that has clear and defined terms. It should be the marriage of the buyer’s goals and the seller’s goals.


Many variables need consideration when charging for a letterhead. For a beginner designer, you may price a letterhead around $100. However, you can price your work up to $1,000 for business letterhead and logo if you are an expert. You need to determine how much your work is worth based on your experience level. It could make all the difference if you want to make a good profit.