How Much Should You Charge for Birthday Invite Designs?

If you are excellent at design, you might want to make birthday invite designs to sell to an eager market. But – how much should you charge for your birthday designs? What’s the right price point?

If you are selling cards with your design, aim for $10 to $15 for each download. This price might shift based on size, time, physicality, and cost.

Read on to learn more about the best price point for birthday invite designs. The choice is yours, but it’s best to stay within a price range based on your experience making the designs. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

What Factors Might Influence the Price?

Of course, there is not a set price for all birthday card designs. You should consider several factors to determine the best price for your birthday invitation designs. Don’t sell yourself short.

Here are a few factors that can change the price of your birthday invite designs:

  • Size: How big is the design? How intricate is it, and how much of the card does the design cover on the product?
  • Time: How long did you spend on your design? How much time did you spend bringing it to life, concepting it, and more?
  • Physicality: Are you selling a physical card or a digital copy? Digital is typically cheaper than physical cards to produce.
  • Cost: How much did you spend on supplies? How much did you spend on resources to make it possible to create the product?

Consider these before you settle on a price for your creation. 

Of course, experience in the industry will help you find a price point that works best for your life. You want to make a profit from all your work. Ensure you take the time to pick a price that adds value to your time.

Hourly vs Project

There are two ways you can charge for your birthday invite designs – hourly and by product. These are critical to consider, as one may be worth your time than the other.

Let’s explain these two payment methods:

  • Hourly: You bring in income based on the hours you work on the design, typically customized to the consumer.
  • Project: You bring in finances based on the number of cards you sell, whether individually or by bundles.

Research to determine which will bring the most income.

There are benefits to both methods. If you work hourly, you have guaranteed pay for your time. You also have the freedom to customize work by the customer. If you sell by product, you get to make money with multiple customers. You can sell individually or create packages with hundreds of cards to sell.

Where Are the Best Places to Sell Birthday Invite Designs?

There are many places to sell birthday invite designs, both online and in-person. Where is the ideal place for you to sell? Let’s dive into a few of the best options.

Here are a few of the best places to sell birthday invite designs:

  • Athletic events
  • Local grocery stores
  • Websites like Etsy and Fiverr
  • A personal site

There are multiple avenues for sale, and you can even utilize more than one option to reach the largest audience.

A little experimentation is involved with this aspect of selling designs, too. In the beginning, you might sell at multiple locations to determine one that works best for your product. After a time, one will stand out as the best for your unique designs.

Keep in mind, there are Card templates you can use to quickly expand your design’s to additional niches.

Test the Market

Once you have your location and a general price, it’s time to test the market. This process will help you land on a price point that appeals to customers and brings you income.

You can test the market by:

  • Monitoring which cards sell the most
  • Changing price points in the profit range to see which is the most popular
  • Seeing how things sell in different locations

These will help grow your business over time.

It’s not easy to sell a design. You might get off to a slow start. With work, you can find the ideal place and price point for your birthday card designs. If unsure, $4-$6 is an excellent start.


As an artist, it’s critical to find a price point for your work. People who sell birthday invite designs should charge $10-$15 per card. However, this price can fluctuate based on personal factors. 

We hope this information was helpful! You deserve the best for your creations.