How Much Should You Charge for Email Template Design?

As a graphic designer, your time is valuable, and you will want to make sure that you are charging the right amount for the services you offer. Email template design is a commonly sought out service by designers, and you may be wondering just how much to charge for this.

Email template design prices should vary on the level of complexity. Designers often charge around $100 for a standard template, but the price can go as high as $500 for more complex templates. Graphic designers may also choose to calculate the cost based on their hourly rate.

Whatever you may end up charging, you can rest assured in the knowledge that a carefully-planned pricing plan will protect the hard work that you do. Keep reading to learn more about how much to charge depending on the type of email template.

Determining a Charge for Email Template Design

Email templates are one of the most sought-after graphic design services. They are easy to use, and many companies consider them a cornerstone of marketing or different business functions. The following sections will discuss some different strategies that you can use to set your email template design price at the right number.

Charge for a Standard Design

Creating a basic design template is a popular choice for many graphic designers and is often something businesses prefer if they are looking for an easy and no-frills email marketing option.

As a graphic designer, a standard email design template is the easiest to design, especially when you use helpful graphic design services such as A single, standard template often runs at a maximum of $100 for a competitive price.

Charge for Additional Features

Some companies may wish that you enable additional features on their email template. These may include the following:

  • Multiple email templates
  • Advanced visual features
  • Extensive design work

If a company knows that they want a very complex email newsletter, you should feel free to set a higher price based on their requirements.

Charging an Hourly Rate

A third option for many designers is to price the email template based off of their standard hourly rate. Once you have a few email template designs under your belt, you will likely know how long it takes you to create this type of service.

Based on this, you can charge companies essentially what your hourly rate will be. A good way to calculate this is to charge for the hours you believe you will need, and then add another one or two as a buffer for revisions.

Tips for Calculating Your Email Design Fee

To stay competitive on the graphic design market, you will want to make sure you are adequately pricing anything you do, including email templates. These tips will help you make sure you are charging the right amount for your services:

  • Research the competition: Get to know what other graphic designers are charging and adjust your own prices accordingly. You do not want to be an overpriced designer as you will quickly see your business go down.
  • Be negotiable with your clients: Figure out what your clients’ budgets are, and be prepared to show a little flexibility with your own budget to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Offer design packages: Many businesses may be interested in having multiple services done in one go, such as email design along with website design. If you offer an appealing design package, your clients will be more likely to seek out more services from you.
  • Know your worth: Though you need to stay competitive, do not sell yourself short. Your time is valuable, and if you know you will invest a lot of time in a project you should charge accordingly. This will help ensure that you have a better quality of life.
  • Be clear about your pricing: Once you have set a price, stick with it. There is nothing more unattractive to clients than additional charges put on the bill in the last moment.

Once you have set your prices accordingly, you can get started on the design work. Additionally, using services such as Placeit can help you get more work done for the time you spend, increasing your overall profitability.


Emails are essential for business nowadays, and this means that many companies seek out the help of graphic designers to create email templates. As a graphic designer, you can set competitive prices around $100 to $500 based on the complexity of the project and your hourly rate.

With some research and adjusting as needed, you will soon have a thriving email design service.