How Much Should You Pay or Charge for a Twitch Banner?

How Much Should You Pay or Charge for a Twitch Banner?

Twitch banners are an important part of any streamer’s branding and appearance. They help to create a cohesive look for your channel and can give viewers a better idea of what your stream is about. Because of this, it is crucial to your Twitch’s success to have a clean, impactful banner, but if you aren’t the most artistically inclined, there’s no shame in buying one. The question is, what’s a reasonable price to pay for a Twitch banner, and, if you are artsy, how much should you charge?

The average cost of a Twitch Banner varies significantly depending on several factors including source/artist, complexity, and quality. A low quality or simple banner will likely cost under $100 (usually around $50), but a high quality, custom banner with more complex features can cost $200 or more.

We suggest looking through the Twitch Banner Templates on Placeit first, and seeing if one of those meets your needs. If so, you’ll have just saved hundreds of dollars. If none of these work, then consider finding a professional graphic designer to make you a banner from scratch.

In this article, we will discuss what you should expect to pay or charge for Twitch banners from the consumer and the artist side. As you read, you’ll learn why these prices can vary so significantly and what steps consumers and artists should take when considering the overall cost of their Twitch Banner.

Why Do Twitch Banner Price Vary So Significantly?

There’s no way around it; purchasing a Twitch banner is tricky. For one, these products tend to vary significantly in price with some being offered for a mere $30 while others could cost $150 or more. What’s worse is that, if you’re not careful, you could potentially spend $100 or so on a Twitch banner that looks worse than one you could’ve purchased for $50 elsewhere.

So, what is responsible for this price and quality gap and how can you, as a potential consumer, navigate this process and come out with the best result?

There are ultimately three factors responsible for how much a Twitch banner costs:

  1. Source
  2. Complexity
  3. Customization options

The first factor is usually the most significant, as it dictates the following two.

Artists/Graphic Designers Vs. Online Templates

When it comes to purchasing a Twitch banner, you really only have two options. You can either purchase it from an artist/graphic designer or you can purchase it from a graphics website with Twitch Banner Templates, like

Out of these two options, artists are almost always more expensive because these are individuals who are either creating these graphics for a living or hope to rely on it for revenue at some point in the future. As a result, they tend to charge based on the time it takes to complete your Twitch banner and the resources required (if necessary).

Additionally, artists will have the ability to provide you with a more complex and, oftentimes, fully customized Twitch banner versus online templates that have limited customization options and create products almost instantly, therefore eliminating the need to charge based on time.

Credentials also play a role here since more skilled and reputable the artist have the luxury of charging more per hour for their skills versus up-and-coming artists who might be okay with charging less until their skills have advanced or they’ve built a portfolio, credibility, and clientele that allows them to increase prices for their work.

While Twitch banners created by artists and graphics designers might cost more, the benefit of this choice is that they essentially do all of the work for you and can create more complex and customized pieces whereas online templates might be simpler and cheaper, but oftentimes, you need to edit the template until it matches your vision of your Twitch banner.

How Should Twitch Banner Creators Charge for Their Work

A huge obstacle for artists is determining what is the fairest price for their work, whether it be a full canvas painting, a company logo, or a customized Twitch banner.

The best way for any artist to price their Twitch Banner is to decide what they think an appropriate hourly wage is for them considering their skills and revenue needs, and then multiply that figure by how many hours it takes you to complete a Twitch Banner.

Because Twitch banners are forms of digital media, you don’t really need to factor in additional cost for resources. However, adding a fee for covering the expense of whatever program or equipment you’re using over time isn’t unreasonable.

Oftentimes, artists or graphic designers will create three or more banner types that vary in complexity and will assign a lump price to each based on what they know they can achieve in a set time (ex. simple banner that only takes two hours to create would cost $30-$40 versus fully customized and complex one for $100).

This makes it easier for you to describe your capabilities and expectations for each to your potential clients and helps them get a better idea of what they’re paying for at each level.

Researching other artists can help you see how your skill level compares in order to charge a fair and reasonable figure, but try to be as objective an honest about this as you can. You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also want to be fair to your consumers and make sure the banners you create are worth the money they’re investing in you. 

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Twitch Banner

It’s easy to Google “Twitch banners for sale” or something similar and immediately start scrolling through your extensive lists of artists and online templates that claim they can create the best Twitch banner for you, oftentimes at astonishingly cheap rates. But before you jump at that $30 to $40 banner, there are some things you should consider first.

When purchasing a Twitch banner, it is important to have a clear idea of three things:

  1. Your budget
  2. Your banner expectations
  3. Your ideal source

Following this guide will help ensure you make the most informed decision regarding your Twitch banner purchase and receive the highest quality product for the best price.

1. Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to consider using the Twitch Banner templates on These are the most affordable way to get a custom Twitch banner, and can cost as little as a few dollars.

If you have a higher budget, you can use a professional graphic designer to make you something from scratch. Although this process can take longer, and be hard to convey your imagined design to the artist, it can yield some really great results.

2. Expectations

In accordance with your budget, you need to have at least some idea of what you want on your Twitch banner. Yes, looking at examples can help give you ideas, but in the end, these graphics are often purchased from artists, and while these individuals are creative, they usually prefer some level of guidance regarding:

  • brand images, colors, and aesthetics
  • level of banner complexity
  • preferrable fonts

If you don’t have these figured out, not only will it be difficult to get the ideal product, but you might also find that your budget does not in any way match your expectations.

3. Source

The last factor you’ll want to consider heavily here is from where/ you want to purchase your Twitch banner.

We spent a great deal of time discussing the differences between artists/graphic designers and online templates already, so what you need to consider here is your priorities in terms of would you rather someone create your Twitch banner for you or are you okay with doing most of the editing yourself (oftentimes for less).

You also need to consider which source matches your expectations best. If you have a complex Twitch banner idea or want full customization power, you’ll want to invest the extra money in an artist. However, if you’re vision is fairly simple, an online template might be the best option.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the question of how much you should pay or charge for a Twitch banner is subjective. On average, most people will spend anywhere from $50 to over $100 but the most important factor here isn’t always how much you spend, but rather, how you’re investing your money. It is crucial that you research your options to ensure you receive the best Twitch banner possible, as price does not always reflect quality.

Personally, we suggest looking through the Twitch Banner Templates on Placeit first, and seeing if one of those meets your needs. If so, you’ll have just saved hundreds of dollars. If none of these work, then consider finding a professional graphic designer to make you a banner from scratch.