How To Add Artboards In Photoshop

Photoshop is used worldwide for several purposes, including photo editing, making graphics and layouts, and adding effects. It has numerous tools with distinct functions. Let’s learn how to add artboards in Photoshop, as they are one of them!

To add an artboard in Photoshop, begin by clicking ‘create new’ at the top left of your screen. Find the ‘preset details’ panel and enter the required width and height. Then, click the ‘artboards’ checkbox and set the resolution to 72. Finally, set ‘color mode’ to RGB color, and you have an artboard!

Now that you know how to add artboards in Photoshop, let’s go into detail about what they are and what makes them unique! 

What Are Artboards?

Artboards are virtual canvases. What makes them special is that you can have multiple canvases within a single document because artboards can be layered on each other. Seeing all the artboards next to one another helps maintain the consistency of your design by allowing you to edit details.

You can create multiple layouts for different devices or page sizes within the same document using artboards. Each artboard can have its layers, colors, and design, allowing you to be more creative.

An existing Photoshop document can also be converted into an artboard. Continue reading to find out how! 

How To Change Existing Documents Into Artboards?

You can quickly transform a regular Photoshop project into an artboard document. How to do it:

  1. At the first stage of the process, one or more layer groups will be selected.
  1. After the first step, select those layers and ‘right-click’ on the mouse. Select ‘artboard from layers’, from the drop-down menu that should now be visible

If you’re looking for a video tutorial, here is a walkthrough on these steps:

Let’s detail some valuable tips to remember when using artboards in Photoshop.

Helpful Tips to Remember When Using Artboards

Although artboards help display your work in Photoshop, they might be challenging to work with. Thus, you must remember the following guidelines.

Create a New Layer

For each artboard, ensure that new layers are created. This is crucial since failing to do so will result in your project having blank spaces. 

Be Cautious When Moving Artboards

You must be very careful when resizing or moving the artboard in Photoshop. If you mistakenly resize or move an artboard, your final project may have misaligned layers.

To resize an artboard, click and drag its edges. You must drag a layer from the main layer stack and drop it into the name of the artboard in the “layers” panel to transfer it into an artboard.

Export Carefully

After completing your project, export it using the ‘use artboards’ option. If you fail to do so, only the first artboard will be exported. This means that any artboard layers you added after the first will not be saved, and your work will look incomplete. 


Artboards are a valuable tool in Photoshop and can be added to it following simple steps. You can edit and design artboards as you prefer and create multiple canvases in a single document. However, you must be careful when moving, resizing, and exporting artboards.