How To Add Bleed In Photoshop

Image editing, graphic design, and developing layouts for websites and other print or digital media are just a few of the uses of Adobe Photoshop. Although Photoshop offers many tools, bleed cannot be directly added to it. So, does Photoshop have any other methods for adding bleed?

Although there is no ‘add bleed’ feature in Photoshop, there are ways to add your own bleeds using the existing tools. Two main methods can be used: rulers and guides or the Marquee selection tool with automation through actions.

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How To Use Existing Photoshop Tools to Add Bleed

When printing images, a bleed must be included. This is due to the possibility of losing a portion of your image, as most printers cannot print along the border of the page. 

Therefore, including a bleed lets you see the image’s final appearance after printing. There are two ways to add them in Photoshop.

Using Rulers and Guides

Create a new document. Set CMYK as its color mode and change its resolution to 300 Pixels/inch to ensure your document is ready for printing. Then, follow these steps: 

  1. Begin by selecting ‘rulers’ under the ‘view’ tab at the workspace’s top.
  1. Click the left ruler with your mouse, move the guide to the left border of your page, and then let go.
  1. Repeat the abovementioned procedure for the right edge. 
  1. Then, drag the guide from the top ruler to the top edge and from the bottom ruler to the bottom edge. 
  1. Next, select ‘image’ and then ‘canvas size.’ To ensure that no crucial information or pictures are cropped out by the printer, double the amount of bleed you want in the measurements.

If you think this method isn’t suitable for you, continue reading to know more about the next! 

You can use this guide for more help: 

Using Marquee Tool With Automation

To produce a new document that is prepared for printing, start by doing the same beginning steps again. Once your document is created, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Click on the ‘window’ at the top bar and choose ‘actions.’ Photoshop will track your actions in this window and preserve them for when you want to add bleed in the future.
  1. Under the “activities” tab, choose the “new action” icon.
  1. Name the action, such as bleed, and click ‘record.’ Now, form a new layer and give it the name bleed as well.
  1. Choose a vivid color to reaffirm that your bleed stands out from the rest of your work in this document.
  1. Then, go to ‘image’ and select ‘canvas size.’ Add double the bleed you want to each dimension and click ‘ok.’

The bleed is now visible on the canvas. Your earlier green line, which shows the ultimate document size and the beginning of the bleed, is highlighted. By repeating these procedures, you may also indicate the outer perimeter of the bleed. 

Using the Marquee tool, select crop marks beyond the bleed zone before adding more space.

Final Takeaway

Even though Photoshop lacks a “add bleed” tool, it may be added using either the Rulers and Guides feature or the Marquee Tool with Automation. The abovementioned information outlines how to use each method to create a bleed manually.