How To Add Brushes To Krita

When painting on Krita, you can see that the brushes on the software are the most vital tools that can help you achieve various styles, textures, and patterns in your work. However, adding new brushes to Krita can prove challenging, so how does that system work?

If you want to load new brushes to Krita, you can use either a KPP file or a ZIP folder. You will need to load these files into the correct folder on your Krita set-up in order to access them within the program. This system can allow you to import both brush tips and brush presets.

So how exactly does using brushes work in Krita? And how difficult is it to load new brush presets or tips into your software? You can find the answers to these questions and more by reading the rest of this article! We will take a detailed look at how to import brushes into the program!

How To Load New Brushes To Krita

Unlike other photo editing and painting apps, Krita uses multiple files to define a brush, which includes a preset, tips, and patterns. 

This allows you to get the complete experience of using a tool, as you do in the real world, by factoring in the feel, texture, and pressure of the brush. This impacts how you can load new brushes to the Krita software, which you can do using two methods.

Using A KPP File

If you want to download one single preset to your Krita software, this is typically in the form of a KPP file. You can navigate to the preset chooser by using the F6 key on your keyboard. 

From here, pressing the folder icon will open up a dialog box. You can then choose the KPP file you want to import and click on it to load the preset into Krita.

However, if there are corresponding tips or patterns with this preset file, you will need to add them too. You can do this through the Settings drop-down menu, which you can also access by pressing F5 on your keyboard. 

From here, choose the option Brush Tip. Select the option ‘Predefined Brush’ from where you can select the import option. This will prompt a dialog button to open up. You can select the relevant file and load it into Krita.

Here is a video tutorial on how to add brushes to Krita:

Using A ZIP Folder

Some brush packs are available in the form of ZIP Files. To import these, you can use the following steps:

  1. Open up the Settings Menu, and navigate to Manage Resources.
  2. From here, choose ‘Open Resource Folder.’
  3. Select the ZIP file that you have downloaded.
  4. Copy the files inside the ZIP folder to your resource folder. This includes the brush presets, patterns, and tips.
  5. You will see a dialog box that tells you that you are about to merge folders.
  6. Select Agree.
  7. Finally, restart your Krita software.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to add brushes to Krita and the different ways you can do this, you can start taking advantage of all the great brush presets and tips available online. Whether you want to download a full pack or just a single brush set, it is easy to import new resources into your Krita software and start using them right away!