How To Add Fonts To Krita

Krita is a digital painting application with multiple uses and is primarily designed for artists. It can be used without any payments because it is free. Krita has numerous tools which allow you to create illustrations, comics, animations, or concept art. Fonts are a highly useful tool as well. So, how can you add them to Krita?

Fonts can be added to Krita by a simple process. You must begin by downloading your chosen font, installing them onto Krita, and resetting the application. Then, you must create a new canvas to use the font on, click the font bar and type the name of the new font, and continue using Krita.

To learn more detail about the abovementioned process, continue reading!

How Can New Fonts Be Added To Krita?

To begin the process, follow these steps:

  1. Download your preferred fonts from the internet using websites like DaFont, which offers free fonts. 
  1. You must unzip the downloaded fonts since they will show up on your computer as a zip file. To prevent the unzipped file from becoming lost on your computer, save it next to the parent file.
  1. The unzipped file is also referred to as an extracted file. When you open this, you will see three additional files: ‘a license file,’ ‘a picture of the font,’ and the ‘True Type Font File.’ 
  1. Right-click the ‘True Type Font’ File and select “install” to set the font in place on your computer.
  1. View the new font in your computer’s ‘font’ folder on the main screen to verify the installation. 
  1. Next, open the Krita application. You would need to restart the application if it was not closed during the font installation process. 
  1. Once opened, create a new document in Krita to use the font on. You can also continue editing on a pre-existing canvas. 
  1. Finally, a dialogue box containing several text tools will open by clicking on the text tool on the side panel. 

The installation is successful if the font appears after you write its name in the box. 

The following YouTube tutorial explains the steps mentioned above:

Draw an input box on your canvas to add the newly installed font. The Krita ‘text editor dialogue box’ will appear after releasing the mouse button. You must type your text in the text area. Then, click on the ‘font bar’ to select your new font to make changes to your text.

If you do not wish to install a new font to Krita, you can use the pre-existing ones. Keep reading to find out how!

How to Use Existing Fonts in Krita

Using the text tool, you may type out your text in Krita’s default font and alter its size. The “edit text” option can then change the resulting text’s font.

Numerous pre-installed fonts in the Krita program are visible when you launch this text editor.


Although Krita has built-in fonts, you can also download new fonts to the application. Follow the abovementioned steps, remember to unzip the downloaded fonts, and only click on the True Type Font file within the downloaded file.