How to Add Text in Krita

Krita is one of the most respectable open-source digital painting software out there. It is free, has a lot of useful functions and features, and can be used for different kinds of work. One of these functions is adding text to your files, which beginners may struggle with at first. So how do we add text in Krita? 

You can use the click-and-drag method to add text to your artwork in Krita. The software will then show you a tab with tool options, where you can customize your text whichever way you want. Adding text to artwork in Krita was quite complicated, but recent updates to their newer versions have made it easy.

It is important to know how Krita makes its tools accessible to designers. Through this article, we will guide you on how you can add text and in what ways you can customize it according to what you desire. 

Using The Text Tool

Krita software is completely focused on digital paintings and illustrations. Hence it has many tools related to designing, such as brushes, colors, layers, and much more. 

Features such as text tools can also be needed in artworks as not every artist is keen on using their brushes to write, and many artists may be working on webtoons with the help of Krita. 

Here’s how you can it:

  1. You can use the “T” tool on the left sidebar of the Krita software interface. It will allow Krita to add text to your artwork or illustration. 
  1. Use your mouse, left-click and drag it to create a rectangular shape of your text box.
  1. Once you release the left-click button of your mouse, it will create that text box, and a window for text editing will open so you can customize the text according to what you find fit. 

You can also delete the default text and edit it there. After making these changes, you can press the save option on the lower right corner of the editor and close it. 

Alternatively, you can also use the keybinds and press Ctrl + S to save any edits on your text. 

Here’s a video if you want visuals directions to locate the tools on the program:

Ways To Customize 

Once the software shows you the text editor window, you can type your desired text under the “Rich Text” bar. You can change the features of the text before typing too. 

There will be options for editing the font, size in the pts (points) units, letter spacing, and text alignment. You can make your text bold, italic, and underline it the way you want.


We can say that Krita allows us to add text and customize it in whatever way we like, and it is not difficult either. If you are a comic artist or you are making a poster or ad design and illustration, you can use the Krita text tool to add text to your work.