How to Arch the Bottom of Text in Illustrator

Knowing each of the different ways to arch the bottom portion of text in Adobe Illustrator is valuable to anyone, not just graphic designers. Shortcuts in your process can save the day for the project or save it thousands of dollars in work hours. So how do you arch the bottom of the text in Illustrator?

Having the know-how of Adobe’s Creative Suite can be an impressive bullet on your resume that gets you the job of your dreams. The processes are easy but knowing which to use in a particular situation could make you the belle of the ball! So read on and learn everything you need to know about arching the bottom of the text in Adobe Illustrator.

Arching the Bottom of the Text in Illustrator

Illustrator has some of the best functionality you can get in a graphic designing application. There are ways to warp text and add design elements that make the platform the go-to for designers and artists around the globe. With the overlap of functions, there are several ways to warp the bottom of the text.

The ways to arch the bottom of the text in Adobe Illustrator are:

  • Type on a Path Tool
  • Menu Selection

No matter which of the ways you choose to warp text, you should be able to create excellent logos and artwork for your friends or clients that pop. Remember that choosing which is more manageable is up to you, and the method that best fits your work style will be your choice.

Using the Type on a Path Tool is a Great Way to Arch Text

The need to create logos and designs has exploded in the last few years. People start businesses in their spare rooms and garages that need to compete with big-box companies. Using the Type on a Path tool is a fantastic way to get technical and create a text rounded around the bottom.

The steps to use the Type on a Path function are:

  1. Open the File – The first thing you will do in each of these processes is open your file. Remember that adding easy-to-recall file names will make the job much easier if you work with several different files.
  2. Create a Circle – One of the best things about using the Type on a Path method is how fast you can create the effect. Choose the Ellipse tool from the menu and drag out a circle the size you need for your project.
  3. Hold Down the Type Tool – Each of the buttons on the tools menu could have extra functionality. Holding down the type tool will show you a few different options, and you should choose the Type on a Path tool.
  4. Write in the Circle – Once the Type on a Path tool is clicked, you should see your chosen font appear around the circle. Type your words in and adjust the settings to rest the text on the top of the circle.

Using Type on a Path is more in-depth than some people would like. There are other options, and they could be easier to remember or have fewer clicks. For some, remembering fewer steps in a process, in the beginning leads them to deeper functionality like Type on a Path.

Using the Menu is Also a Viable Option for Arching the Bottom of Text

The functionality with Illustrator also allows you to take a tour through the drop-down menus and adjust the text. This way is slightly slower, but the results will be much better. Typing on a path makes a circular pattern that could not fit your design aesthetic or ruin the look of your new logo.

The steps to using the menu to arch the bottom of text are:

  1. Open the File – The file you are working on needs to be open. You should click on File in the top left and choose the appropriate option. Click on New, and a blank page should populate the screen if you are starting.
  2. Click the Text Box – Clicking on Text will allow you to create a box with your letters inside. Dragging and clicking will allow you to set the area, and a faux font will appear. The gibberish font serves as an excellent guide to show what the text will look like when you place it on the page.
  3. Use the Effect Tab – Move to the top of the screen and navigate over to the Effect tab. This tab will drop down tons of options for ways to change the shape and outline of your text. In this menu, you should choose the Warp option. Clicking Warp is going to open another menu with more options.
  4. Choose Arc – The top option of the slide-out menu will be Arc. Arc takes a portion of the text and squinches it, giving the appearance of being on an arch. Once Arc is chosen, another box will appear.
  5. Preview Box – Once you have chosen Arc, a menu box will appear. This box has several options, but the first click is the Preview arrow. Preview will show a miniature version of the text box and the effect of your choices—the choices in this menu range from arc percentage to horizontal and vertical text placement.

Once you have a good idea of what the project will look like, you can move on to the next portion of the project. But, again, remember that it is essential to do your homework and communicate your message with shapes that reinforce it when choosing shapes.


Arching the bottom of the text in Adobe Illustrator is a simple job that adds serious flair to your project or logo. It can provide depth to a business card and give you a much-needed bit of design and your company.

There are several ways to accomplish this with Illustrator. The functionality and the number of functions mean that you can arch the bottom of the numbers by going through the text options or by using your mouse and giving a few drags and clicks.