How to Blend Images in Canva: The Complete Guide

Canva is a full-service picture editing software that works inside your web browser. It allows you to work with images to create multimedia presentations that will wow clients and drive business to your blog and website. So how do you blend images in Canva?

Blending images can be frustrating if you have several foreground images or click on the wrong element. Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn everything you need to know about blending images with Canva.

How to Blend Images in Canva

Blending images is helpful to people who are creating web pages or beginning to build a brand for themselves. Blending is a way to obscure unwanted images from the background while keeping the subjects in the foreground clear. Using the tool takes work, and practice is imperative before releasing any content.

Canva is easy to use. You can pick anything from your stored pics and upload them to the platform by giving access to your photos. By uploading, you can plug in any templates that favor your choice. Start by clicking the drop-down menu on the top left.

Some guidelines to follow when uploading photos to Canva are:

  • Relevance – Choose a photo that is relevant to the situation. For example, do not place the pictures from your family beach vacation in an advertisement for your online seminar. Only choose photos that make sense, or you face confusing your intended audience.
  • Clarity – Another thing to remember is to choose a picture that isn’t distorted or has several things going on in the foreground. Seeing yourself or your subject is great for attracting business and building a brand people recognize.

In the next step, you will remove the background elements, and an abundance of items could spend excess time on a single picture. By concentrating on images that are relevant to the situation and show the subject clearly, you are halfway home.

Removing Elements in the Background is the Next Step

The way to go when blending photos is to remove the background to provide a stable platform to have no other images bleed through. Busy environments are full of items that can hamper the picture and decrease the clarity of the subject.

The steps to remove the background from your photo in Canva are:

  1. Select the Photo – You should click on the photo when it appears in the main window. By clicking, you select the photo and affirm that all the following changes are to take place on that photo. Photo selection only takes a single click. Ensure that you don’t click several times before moving on.
  2. Hit the Edit Button – Once the photo is selected, there will be an Edit Image button at the top of the screen. This button opens another set of boxes that could be greyed out because of your payment status. If you subscribe to the Pro-Version of Canva, you are given more tools to create, like the background removal tool.
  3. Repeat as Needed – Every time you want to add more subjects to the foreground, you must start the process and save each iteration until you get the desired effect. This will take time but has a fantastic effect when done correctly.

Now you should have come crystal clear images of subjects in the foreground of your chosen photo. This could be a single photo or one of several combined to add several subjects. No matter what is going on in the foreground, we must work on choosing a pic to go behind them.

Backgrounds that Will Make your Pic Pop Work Best

Backgrounds on Canva are breathtaking. They have an ample assortment of photos that work great for holidays, birthdays, or any day of the week. There are more available to Premium Canva users, but the free files are nothing to turn your nose to.

The steps to choosing a background for your Canva photos are:

  1. Browse – The selection of backgrounds that Canva provides covers many bases. Pick away if you are looking for solid colors to obscure to make the subjects stand out. In contrast, extensive backgrounds allow you to place them in different environments or create festive cards.
  2. Right-Click – Once you have chosen a pic, you should right-click on it. This will bring up the typical drop-down box. These drop-down boxes are similar to those on your operating system and could have some of the same options. You are looking for the Set as Background option.

Once you select set as background, the photos merge, and you have a platform to blend. After all the steps, it is time to avoid obscuring the image with the blending tool. Make sure you have the base and background you need before moving on. Your photos should be lined up and where you want them in the final product.

Using the Transparency Bar is Easy and Useful

Now that you are ready to rock, you should look for the icon on the top of the screen. There will be a series of squares on one of the icons that look like they are fading away. This is the transparency icon. Click on it, and a sliding rule will appear. As you move the ruler, the photo will blend in with the background.


Blending images with Canva is easy once you memorize the steps. After doing them a few times, you will see how easy the platform is and begin experimenting with the things you can do. Experimenting will unlock your creative potential and make dynamite content for your webpage or brand. It is a fun software that almost anyone can use, like a pro.

Canva is an exciting application that works right on your standard web browser. Canva saves time and space on your computer by allowing you to work on a single platform without updating the software several times a month and paying exorbitant fees that continue to climb each month. Canva is great for blending pics and creating marketing materials.