How To Blur In Picmonkey

PicMonkey is a free photo editing and graphic design software that allows users to benefit from its various editing effects. It has features of cropping, resizing, filters, and effects such as blurring. Blurring backgrounds can make your portraits look clearer, but that is not the only thing you can use the blur effect for. The question is, how do you blur in Picmonkey?

Although the easiest and most common way to blur is by using the “Soften” effect in Picmonkey to blur your picture, that is not the only way. You can also use focal blur. Picmonkey provides you with different options to achieve the same purpose, which is the blur effect. 

If you want to blur your photo background or a specific entity out of your photo but don’t know how so, take help from this article. We will show you how you can use these different tools in Picmonkey to blur your photos.

Blurring Your Photos

Modern-day technologies and software have allowed us to turn low-quality photos into high-quality ones. We can blur out what we don’t want in our pictures, and we can also blur out backgrounds if we want portrait-like pictures. 

Picmonkey is one of these modern-day softwares, giving us different options and ways to blur any picture. 

Soften Effect

With the softening effect, you can blur and erase the subjects that you choose using the following steps: 

  1. First, open the image that you want to edit in Picmonkey. Find the “Soften” effect option under the effects tab on the left of your screen.
  1. Once you apply this effect, it will soften your whole image layer. If you have other image layers, they won’t be affected.
  1. To use the “Erase & Brush” palette, hit on the paintbrush icon on the image palette. This will allow you to erase areas where you don’t want any blur. You can also use the “Reverse Effect” by using the paintbrush to only brush over the area that you want to be blurred.
  1. If the blur is either too blurry or less blurry compared to what you want it to be, use the Softness slider to tone down or tone up the softening effect by dragging the slider.
  1. Picmonkey will auto-save any of the edits you make

Here’s a video to understand how to apply the “Soften effect” in detail: 

Focal Effect

If you want a quick blur effect with one click, you can use “Focal Soften.” It will blur the area outside of the subject. You can adjust this by moving the focal point circle around. You can also use the Reverse Effect for the opposite. 

Bokeh Blur

You can use this blur by heading over to the Textures tab. It will give you different blur options by blurring the areas in the background with out-of-focus lights. 

You can change its settings by using the “Size,” “Fade,” and “Saturation” sliders. You can use the “Blend Mode” menu to customize it with more effects. 


Through this article, we have found innovative ways to blur our photos in the Picmonkey editor. The simplest way may be the Soften effect, but it is not the only way we can blur. In addition to that, Picmonkey also allows us to adjust the blur and use the Reverse effect.