How to Break Apart a Logo in Inkscape

Inkscape is a popular tool in today’s world, and one of its most beneficial uses is logos. If you are new to the program, it can be tricky to determine how to work with logos – especially when attempting to break them apart. How do you split a logo in Inkscape to create a more workable piece for your needs?

If you’re interested in learning more about breaking apart a logo in Inkscape, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about breaking apart a logo with a split and in a format with layers. The more you know, the easier it will be to work on this program. Let’s get started.

How to Do a Basic Split on a Logo in Inkscape

The first way to break apart a logo in Inkscape is to take advantage of the split. For this process, there are two steps necessary for a successful experience breaking apart the shapes.

You should:

  1. Draw a line
  2. Use division

These will pull apart the image in whatever shape you need.

Let’s dive deeper into each step to help determine if this method is the right choice for you. It’s possible to accomplish a split in a matter of moments. Although it isn’t always precise, it’s an effective way to break apart items.

1. Draw a Line

There should be a line feature in Inkscape. If you click on it, a line appears. You can drag and drop this line across the point you want to split. Wherever the line lies, the split will occur. It’s critical to ensure the line is over the right spot before proceeding with the break.

You can only complete one split at a time. Once you have the line in place, take a rectangle and place it around the shape. This item locks the split system in place and ensures it occurs correctly.

Once you have the cut set, it’s time to proceed with the breaking process. Let’s move forward to the final step in the breaking apart process.

2. Use Division

Once you have the line in place, it’s time to hit the division button. This should be at the top of the bar, easy to access. Ensure you have the line in place and press the division button to make the slice.

After hitting the button, you can move the split pieces around as much as you want. Rearrange them to change the way your logo looks without too much effort.

Of course, this method may not be for everyone. If you want to try something else, you can separate each component into a layer in Inkscape.

How to Break Apart a Layered Logo in Inkscape

Another way to break apart a logo in Inkscape is to place design elements in groups and add each group on one layer. This method allows you to control each part of the logo, rather than working on only what is visible.

To split based on layers, you need to:

  1. Put your design elements in groups
  2. Open layers and add new layers
  3. Cut and paste into the proper layer

These will successfully split the logo.

Let’s discuss each step in breaking apart a logo by layers in Inkscape. If the cutting technique didn’t work for you, this option might be more successful. It will take a little practice to get this one right if you are unfamiliar with layers.

1. Put Your Design Elements In Groups

First, you need to place your design elements in groups. Take every component of your logo and separate each item into different places. Determine which pieces you want to be separate and which you want to stay together.

You may separate them by:

  • Design elements
  • Colors
  • Shapes

It’s up to you to determine the items you want to move within your logo.

Once you have your design elements in groups, it’s time to move on to the next step. Each design element will move into a separate layer for the purpose of movement. The next step involves forming the layers to place your design elements on top.

2. Open Layers and Add New Layers

Next, it’s time to create some new layers for separating your logo. This action will allow you to move each individual component without too much effort. It’s not too complicated to create new layers for your logo in Inkscape.

Here’s the necessary process for layers:

  1. Open the layers function in Inkscape
  2. Press the plus button to add a new layer
  3. Name the layer with an unforgettable name
  4. Add as many layers as is necessary

It’s critical to add as many layers as you need to hold every movable component on your project.

If you want to be able to move pieces of your logo and break it apart on a whim, layers are the best answer to your needs. Let’s move into the final step to split your logo apart for good and make it simple to work with for your needs.

3. Cut and Paste Into the Right Layer

Next is the third and final step of the process. It’s time to cut and paste your layered images into the ideal layer to gain access to the movement for your logo in Inkscape. All you need to do is cut the image and paste it into the correct location for the benefit of your project.

Here is the process for cutting and pasting into the proper layer:

  1. Select a group of objects and cut
  2. Click the layers button
  3. Navigate to the paste-in-place function
  4. Paste the cut image in place
  5. Repeat until every layer is in place

Everything should be in place after this moment.

Once you paste it in place, you can move the design elements around. You can mess with your layers until you find a logo design that functions for your needs. This process is a little more complicated but allows a new level of precision. It may take a little practice before you become an expert, but after some work, you will be a master.


Now you know different ways to break apart a logo in Inkscape so you can alter your business’s logo however you want and end with the result you’re looking for.