How To Bring Layer To Front In Photoshop

Layers are considered the building blocks of photoshop. They make it easy for you to edit and adjust only parts of the image, which is considered an incredible feature in Photoshop. However, this may also cause you to struggle with positioning these layers in proper order; it could cause one layer to cover up some important other layers. So how can we bring these layers to the front to rearrange the position of our objects and layers as desired?

You can easily bring any of the layers to the front in these three ways: by accessing the “Arrange” option in the layers menu, by the “drag and drop” method, or by using your keyboard shortcuts. All these methods make it easy for you to fully control your work in Photoshop. 

To understand how you can use these methods to bring the layer that you want to the front of your photoshop document, follow our guidelines in this article. We will walk you through the three methods.

Bringing A Layer To The Front

First, make sure to check if your layers panel is visible. If there is no checkmark in the Windows menu, you can open it by either pressing the F7 key or by clicking on “Layers” to make it visible. 

Now open up the file with multiple layers that you may want to rearrange. Follow either of the methods below to bring any normal layer to the front. 

Layers Menu

Select the layer you want to rearrange; you can use the Layers Menu on top. After clicking on this layer, go to “Layer” at the top of your window. Click on “Arrange”; it will give you a list of options to rearrange that layer. You can hit on “Bring to Front” to move the selected layer to the front.

Furthermore, you can also use any of the options to arrange your layers in another order if you want.

Here’s a guide to layers for you: 

Drag And Drop Method

This is the fastest and easiest way to move layers. You can simply drag the specific layer that you want to move to the front and drop it there. While dragging, it will show you a hand-gripping icon cursor, proving that the selected layer is being dragged. 

This method can also work on layer groups.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer to work with keyboard shortcuts more than you do with your cursor, you can benefit from this method. Simply select the layer that you want to adjust. Then follow the following steps according to your device:


If you want it to jump straight to the front of all the layers, press “CTRL + SHIFT + ].” If you want it to move to the back of the layers stack, press “CTRL + SHIFT + [.” To move the selected layer one by one to the front or back), simply do the same without the SHIFT key.


If you want to bring the layer forward to all the layers, press Command + SHIFT + ]. Suppose you want to do the opposite; press Command + SHIFT + [. If you want it to move one by one upwards or downwards, follow the same shortcuts but without the SHIFT key. 

Final Words

The specialty in photoshop is that it gives us multiple ways to edit our work, and layer positioning is one of them. This article explained how we could use all keywords, layers menu, and “drag and drop” methods to bring a layer to the front.