How To Center An Object In Photoshop

Precision in design is very important; the wrong alignment can make the object seem a little off-putting. Centering an object correctly can make the design look more professional and clean. Photoshop provides the right tools and ways to carry out all the tasks that make your work look perfect, including centering an object correctly. So what is the process of this? 

Although there are many ways to center an object in Photoshop, there are two quick main ways you can carry out this task. You can either use the quicker method using the “Move Tool”, or you can let photoshop center it automatically by using the tools under “Snap” and “Snap to.” 

Whether you are making a design for a client or simply to perfect your work, learning to center an object can significantly impact your work’s quality. This article will guide you through two ways to center an object in Photoshop. 

Centering The Object

It may seem complicated at first, but centering an object in Photoshop is actually quite easy. First, open the document and insert the object that you want to center. We will explain two quick ways to use Photoshop tools to align this object in the center. 

Using The Snap Tools

This method may seem a bit complicated initially, but it’s quick and lets Photoshop automatically center the object. You must click on the right settings and then drag the object to the center.

  1. To set these settings, head over to “View” in the menu bar. 
  1. Click on “Snap” so that there is a checkmark next to it. 
  1. Then go to “Snap To” and checkmark “Guides,” “Document Bounds,” and “Layers.”

After you are done, use your move tool to drag your object to what you think is the center of the work. Once you hover over the rightful center place, it will show you purple lines positioned vertically and horizontally. These indicate that you are indeed holding the object over the center position.

To ensure that you don’t move the object while adjusting it to the center to both vertical and horizontal lines, press the Shift key until you find the second line. Release your click on your mouse, and it will successfully move the object to the center.

Move Tool

This is the quickest way; you don’t need to find the right center by hovering over the canvas. Before we go on further, refer to this video as it directly guides you through the program:

You first need to open the Move Tool in the toolbar, then select the layer of the object that you want to move.

If you want to center the object in reference to the whole canvas, press CTRL + A, and it will select the whole canvas. Now head over to the options bar; you will find the center horizontal and center vertical options, click on both of them, and the object will fix itself to the center of your project.


We stated two quick ways to align an object to the center of your project in Photoshop. This will help you make your project look more professional and visually pleasing than doing it by yourself without precision.