How To Center Text In Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has made the manipulation of text quite easy, and you can use its tools to carry out tasks such as centering text in illustrator in reference to the canvas. Centering texts makes your Illustrator project appear more professional, as it will be more organized and symmetrical. You may have to center your text in Illustrator according to project requirements, so here’s how you can do this:

It is possible to center text in Illustrator in two main ways. You can use the Paragraph Style Alignment method by clicking on “Align Center” on the paragraph alignment setting, or you can use the panel alignment method where you can center text frames or the text within those frames to the center. Either way, these steps are easy and quick to follow.

Although Illustrator is not a text-based design software, it still allows you to manipulate the text to what you want. Consequently, you can manipulate the text to center too. Our easy-to-follow guide will help you to learn how to center text in Illustrator in two simple and quick ways.

Centering Text In Illustrator In Two Ways

As we discussed, there are multiple ways you can center text in Adobe Illustrator, but we will go through the two main methods which will help you manipulate or align the text or paragraph to the center in the way you want.

Here’s a brief video with tips for aligning text:

Paragraph Style Alignment

This is a comparatively much easier and quicker way to align text to the center. First, text the selection that you want to center. Now go to the properties plan. It will show you paragraph alignment options. Select the Align Center option. This will align the selected text to the center of your project. 

Although it says “paragraph alignment,” you can align any amount of text, whether it is short or long, by simply selecting it. 

Panel Alignment

If you want to place the text or multiple text frames in the center of the canvas, panel alignment may be your option. 

  1. Start out by selecting the text frame that you want to center. 
  1. You will see alignment options on the right side of your screen. You can choose “Align to Selection.” The selection here is the text frame, but there are other options as well. Notice that if you have only one selection, it will Align to the artboard only. 
  1. From there, click on “Horizontal Align Center.” This will make the text frames align horizontally to the center. 
  1. If you want to align it to the whole canvas, make sure the click on both the “Horizontal Align Center” and the “Vertical Align Center.” 


It is important that you know the two different help methods through which you can center text in Illustrator. Even if you do not need to use this tool right now, you may need to use it in the future.