How To Center Text In Photoshop

Struggling with centering the text properly in a Photoshop document can be quite bothersome, especially because centered text can make the text more notable or fit certain requirements. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop gives us the right tools and features to manipulate to center our text. Here’s how:

We can center text in a Photoshop project in two quick ways. We can use the Move Tool method, which involves alignment tools, or the Snapping and Guides method to let Photoshop show you purple lines that indicate center alignment. Both of these methods are quick and center your text precisely in reference to your project.

Take notes from our guide if you want to learn the in-detail steps to precisely center your text in a project. We will walk you through two quick and easy ways to make your project appear professional with the correct center alignment.

Centering Text In Photoshop

Placing the text in the center yourself may seem like the easy way out, but it will force an imprecise alignment and may make your project look a bit unprofessional. Hence, you must follow one of the steps discussed to center your text properly. 

Before starting, open or create the document that you want to edit. 

Move Tool

Add the text by clicking “T” on your keyboard or selecting an already existing text that you want to center in your project. 

  1. Next, you should press the “V” button on your keyboard to select the move tool; you can also grab this from the top of the toolbar.
  1. If you want to center the text in reference to the whole canvas, press CTRL + A, and it will select the entire canvas. 
  1. Now head over to the “Options” bar and click on the center vertical and center horizontal options. 
  1. The center vertical option will align the text to the center vertically, while the horizontal one will align it to the center horizontally. 
  1. Once you are done, press CTRL + D, and the changes will be saved. 

If you are having a hard time locating these options, refer to the following video:

Snapping And Guides

First, you will have to enable snapping by check-marking the “Snap” and the “Guides,” “Layers,” and “Document Bounds” under the “Snap To” option.

Once you are done, click and drag your cursor after ensuring the text is selected in the center. It will show you purple lines that guide you to the precise center position. 

There will be a purple horizontal line once you are positioned in the center horizontally and vice versa; use the SHIFT key to ensure this stays in place as you look for the purple vertical line. 

When you have moved the object to both the horizontal and vertical center lines, release your hold on your mouse, and you will be done.


Whether you want to align your text to the center in a Photoshop document as a work requirement or to make your project seem more appealing, it is important that you learn how to do this. 

We discussed two quick ways to do this in the article, and hope it helped!