How To Change Brush Size In Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has abundant tools that will help you create a stellar illustration. Among them, the Brush tool is perfect for stylizing your artwork. It gives you the ability to use any custom strokes for your creative purposes. These custom features include the color, shape, and the right size for your brush. Although there is no direct “brush size” option, there are other easy ways to change it. So, how can you change that brush size?

You can change the brush size by either using keyboard shortcuts from the brushes panel or the properties panel. Since there is no brush size option, we are also actually looking to change the stroke size when we draw with the brush tool. This means the same as the brush size.

Although the brush tool is not the most convenient to use in Illustrator, you can still change its size easily. This article will walk you through each step in learning how to change the brush size in three quick and easy ways. 

Changing The Brush Size

There are three methods through which you can change your brush size easily.  We will explain to you a step-by-step guide for each method. 

Alternatively, you can also use this video for a detailed guide on the brush tool:

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use your bracket keys to change the brush size. First, select the Brush tool in the Tools panel, then create a stroke or just notice a circle around the brush cursor when you are changing the brush size. 

Now to change the brush size in Illustrator, you can use the [ bracket key to decrease the size and the ] bracket key to increase the brush size. This is the quickest and easiest way if you prefer to use your keyboard for shortcuts. 

2. Using Blob Brush Icon In Brush Tools

You can also change the brush size on the brushes panel. First, click on the menu on the brushes panel, then click on Brush Options. It will open up a brush options dialogue box. 

There will be a slider for Size; you can move the slider according to the size that you want. You can also click on the preview box to see how it looks if you are changing the size of an already existing stroke. 

However, one drawback of this method is that it will change all of the stroke settings; it would not work on a single stroke.

3. Stroke Tool In The Properties Panel

This method is quite helpful if you want to change the stroke size of a specific stroke. First, select the brush stroke whose size you want to change. Then you can change it in the top panel or the Properties Panel. 

On the Properties panel, go look under Appearance, there, you will find the Stroke option. You can change the size by clicking on the drop-down menu or by typing it out in pt units according to the size you want.


There are three very quick and easy ways to change the brush tool size in Illustrator. If you want to stylize your work on Illustrator more through strokes but you do not know how to change its size, use this guide which explains the method step by step.