How To Change Colors In Illustrator

The tools and features in Adobe Illustrator are very user-friendly, you can use them to carry out any design task much quicker, and changing colors is one of them. You may have encountered situations where you might have to fix or replace the colors in your project after you are done, which can be frustrating, but with Illustrator, you can do this instantly or with a few clicks. How can you change these colors?

It is possible to instantly change the colors in your artwork with the Recolor Artwork tool. If you want some other option, you can also change the colors of specific objects using a Color Picker, and if you already have sample colors in your work, the Eyedropper tool is useful. 

Modern software like Illustrator gives the designer full control of what they are making, so they can employ different methods to change colors to know what fits them the best. In this article, we will discuss exactly how these methods work and how you can change colors in Illustrator.

Ways To Change Colors in Illustrator

You can use any of three different methods to change colors in Illustrator, depending on the object or objects you are changing. 

Recolor Artwork

This method allows you to experiment with your colors more and gives you more control over changing the colors of anything that you want. Follow the following steps to use this method:

  1. First, select the objects of which you want to change colors; you can hold the SHIFT key to select multiple objects. 
  1. Once the object is selected, click on the Recolor button on the Properties Panel. This will show you a color dialogue box with the color wheel, you will find the original colors you used on it.
  1. From here on, you can change the colors as you like. 
  1. If you want to recolor a specific color, you can unlink the colors by clicking on the Link Unlink icon and then edit them individually. 
  1. However, if you want to change the objects’ color, you just need to drag any point on the wheel until you find your desired color.

Here’s a video explaining this method: 

Use a Color Picker

A color picker lets you select one specific object and change its color. To do so, you need to double-click on the color fill box on the left toolbar. It will show you a color selector dialogue box; you can select the color you want from the palette or input a color hex code.  

Use The Eye Dropper Tool

If you already have sample colors, you can use them to fill them into other object places and vice versa. To begin, select the object and then click on the eyedropper tool in the toolbar. Then you can change the color of any specific area by first copying the color from the other sample color in any other area.


You can use the recolor artwork tool for instant changes, or if you want specific changes in only a few areas, you can also use a color picker or the eyedropper tool. Illustrator lets you design your artwork in any way you want!