How to Change Layer Color in Illustrator

Organizing layers includes changing layer colors, since doing so can make it easier to differentiate and arrange your design while working on several layers. It’s a straightforward procedure for avoiding potential mistakes.

To change a layer’s color in Illustrator, first launch the Illustrator file. Next, access the layer panel from the top menu or by pressing the F7 key. Finally, double-click, select a color, and then click OK.

Before we get into how you can change the color of a layer in Illustrator, let’s read about what layer color is.

What Is Layer Color

You’ll notice certain guides when working on a layer, such as a bounding box, text box, or the contour of the design you’re creating. You’ve probably already noticed that the default layer color is blue.

The guide or border color changes whenever you add an object to a newly created layer. You can differentiate between the objects on the many levels you are working on thanks to the layer colors.

Guide To Changing Layer Color In Illustrator

If you want to learn how you can change the layer color in Illustrator, then keep reading below as we take you through all the steps you need to follow.

Check out this video for more detailed instructions on how to change a layer color in Illustrator:

Step 1: Launch The Illustrator File

  • Begin by double-clicking the Illustrator file that corresponds to your work to open it. 
  • Alternatively, if Illustrator is already open, you may select “File” from the top menu, then “Open,” and then select the desired file. 
  • You may also expedite the process by pressing “COMMAND+O” on a Mac or “Ctrl+O” on a Windows keyboard.

Step 2: Access The Layers Panel

  • Go to “Window” in the top menu and select “Layers.” You may also launch the panel by using the “F7” key on your keyboard to simplify things.

Step 3: Add a Few New Layers

  • To add a new layer, use the “Create New Layer” icon located at the Layers panel’s bottom. Repeat this procedure to build all the layers your project will require.

Step 4: Choose Your Layer

  • Hover your mouse over the layer you wish to edit in the Layers panel and click it once to select it.

Step 5: Access the Layer Options Window

  • Right-click twice on the gray area next to the title of your layer. Your screen will then display the Layer Options panel.

Step 6: Pick the Color of Your Layer

  • Access the Color drop-down bar inside the Layer Options box and select the new color for your layer. 
  • This drop-down bar offers only a small, straightforward selection of colors. By selecting the square adjacent to the drop-down bar, you may open a second menu with a customizable range to increase your selection of colors.

Step 7: Select “OK”

  • When you are done selecting your new layer color, apply your changes to the layer by clicking the “OK” button at the bottom of the Layer Options box.

Final Words

That’s it; it’s really that easy. Some of you may not mind the default layer colors, while others might wish to change them. In either case, it’s wise to brush up on the fundamentals.