How To Change Lineart Color Krita

Krita is a software that aims to assist artists in making digital paintings by giving them complete control over their designs. It is primarily the comic artist and illustrators that use Krita worldwide. Among its numerous features is the line art feature. So, how can you change the line art color in Krita?

The most common way to change line art color in Krita is by using the Alpha Lock feature. This icon appears as a black, white, and grey checkered box on the right side of your line art layer. Once enabled, select the paintbrush and choose the color you want your line art to be.

Having changed the line art color, your next step is to fill the drawing. The three most used ways to fill in a line art are: filling it with the “flood fill tool,” using color paint blocks, and using the built-in colorize mask. Continue reading to find more detail about each method! 

Changing Lineart Fill Using Flood Fill Tool

Using this method, you can quickly fill in the bigger parts of your line art. However, there must be closed gaps within your line art for you to use this method correctly using the following steps:

1. Start by making a new layer for your line art.

2. Following this, select the “flood fill” tool.

3. Change the “grow selection” to 2px.

4. Then, select your desired color from the color selector and fill it in on the required area by clicking on it.

5. The colors may go beyond the line art because the grow selection has increased the color fill.

You can also use color paint blocks if you prefer not to use this method. Keep on reading to find out how! 

Changing Lineart Fill Using Color Paint Blocks

This method is more widely practiced. It involves using a shaping brush or selecting geometric tools to fill in your line art. By going to the “block tag” within the brush presets, you can easily choose one of the numerous block brushes listed in the drop-down menu. For this method, use these steps:

1. Make a separate under your line art and use your brush to begin painting it.

2. The same brush can also be changed into an eraser for editing any colored areas by using the keyboard shortcut “E.”

3. To gain more control over your design, you can convert each color fill into a separate layer.

Changing Lineart Fill Using Colorize Mask

This is the third method that can be used to change line art colors and comprises using the “colorize mask” feature in Krita. 

You can also take a look at this video about the line art color-changing process:

It is quicker than the two methods described above and can be done as follows:

1. Start with making a separate layer for your line art and go to the “colorize mask editing tool” listed in the toolbar.

2. Then, click on your canvas to make your canvas appear blurry.

3. To mark each area with a different color, solid brush stores can be used.

4. After this, click on the “update” button to get a preview of what your line art will look when colored.

5. Once done with the coloring, you can change the “colorize mask” layer into a paint layer.


Line art colors in Krita can be changed using the Alpha Lock. Use the three methods above to add color, fill, detail, and creativity to your work. Using the colorize mask tool will speed up the process.