How To Change Page Size In InDesign

It is important to know how to change page size, whether working on an InDesign template or creating your own design. Among its numerous features, InDesign has a distinct tool for this function. So, how does it work?

The page size in InDesign can be altered using different methods. You can either use the ‘document setup’ option, the pages panel, or the page tool to alter page size. Although the page size is usually defined when creating a new document, it can easily be altered while working as well.

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Changing the Size of a Page Using Document Setup

The document setup option is primarily used when making changes to the entire document’s page size. Thus, it is a quicker way to resize your document. To use this method, follow the steps below:

1. Begin by opening InDesign and moving towards “file” to open “document setup.”

2. This will open a window that provides options to alter numerous aspects of your document, including the page number and sizes.

3. Under the ”page size” panel, enter your document’s required width and height.

4. Then, select the ‘preview’ option to view how your document will look once the changes are made.

5. You will observe that although the page size has changed, the content within those pages remains unchanged. Select “ok” if you wish to make the alterations.

6. However, if you want the page elements to change as well, move towards “adjust the layout.” Enter the required height and width in the new window.

7. Clicking the “adjust font setting” allows you to change and resize the font to align with the new page size. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to keep the font size the same even when the page size has expanded.

Let’s discuss making changes to the page size using the pages panel in InDesign. 

The following video describes how to change page sizes in InDesign:

Changing the Size of a Page Using Pages Panel

If you prefer making changes to a single page within your document, follow these steps:

1. Start by going to “page”’ from the “window” option.

2. Then, select “custom” by moving towards “edit page size.”

3. Clicking on the “custom page size” will show you previously used template sizes. However, you can customize a new size by defining different widths and heights.

4. After setting the dimensions, press “add” and choose the new page size setting. Press “ok” once you are done.

When you preview the pages in the layout window, you will notice that the altered page appears bigger than the unchanged page. However, this will not be visible in the pages panel. Also, unlike the document setup option, this method does not give the option to change the sizes of the elements on your page.


InDesign features several methods for changing the page size of a document. Using the document setup option, you can change the page size and resize elements within a page. However, if you only wish to make changes to the size of a page, then the pages panel method is more beneficial.