How To Change Size Of Eraser In Illustrator

Making mistakes is a natural part of any creative work. Therefore, it is vital to have a tool to correct your mistakes. Adobe Illustrator comprises an ‘eraser tool’ that can be used in several forms, including removing parts of vector graphics or deleting them altogether. So, how can you change the eraser size in Illustrator?

To alter the eraser size in Illustrator, you must double-click the ‘eraser tool’ and open the ‘eraser tool options’ panel. This will appear on the toolbar. Then, to increase the size of the eraser, view ‘size’ in the options and drag the handle towards the right. Slide it to the left if you wish to make the size smaller.

Another way to change the size of the eraser in Illustrator is to use the keyboard shortcut: the ‘right square bracket key (]).’ Continue reading to learn more detail about changing the eraser size in Illustrator! 

How to Increase the Eraser Size

The eraser size often needs adjusting depending on the object you are working on and its shape. A bigger eraser will make it easier to create smooth edges, whereas a smaller eraser allows for more precision and detail. To enlarge the eraser, follow these steps:

1. Begin by opening ‘eraser tool options’ to view the panel by double-clicking on the ‘eraser tool’ icon in the toolbar. Alternatively, you may also click the ‘enter’ key when the tool is chosen.

2. The panel shows several settings that can be changed, including the eraser’s size. To do this, adjust the handle next to the ‘size’ option, the third option in the list.

3. Continue altering the handle until you have reached the eraser’s desired size and click ‘ok.’

4. You may also change the size by using a keyboard shortcut. Choose the ‘right square bracket’ (]) on your keyboard to increase the eraser’s size. 

How to Decrease the Eraser Size

To make the eraser smaller in Illustrator, you may repeat the abovementioned steps with just one alteration. Instead of moving the handle on the ‘size’ bar towards the right, move it to the left and click ‘ok’ once you are done. The left square bracket is the keyboard shortcut for reducing an eraser’s size and looks like this: ([).

The video below describes the method of adjusting the eraser size in Illustrator:

Once you have altered the eraser to its desired size, you might also want to change its other settings. 

Different Eraser Settings in Illustrator

Among the different features an eraser has in Illustrator are its roundness and angle. To change an eraser’s roundness, you repeat ‘step 1’ mentioned above. To make an eraser more oval-shaped, move the ‘roundness’ handle towards the left, and to make it more circular, slide it towards the right.

Additionally, you can also modify the eraser tool’s angle in Illustrator. Again, repeat ‘step 1’ mentioned above. Dragging the ‘angle’ bar towards the right will increase the angle, and dragging it to the left will decrease it. 


The size of an eraser in Illustrator can be changed by two simple processes. You may either alter it manually, beginning with the ‘eraser tool options’ or use the keyboard shortcuts ([) and (]), depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the size.