How To Change Skin Color in Photoshop

The skin appears washed out or pales in the photograph you just shot. You enjoy the stance and setting but detest the skin tone. Do you know that you can quickly adjust the skin tone in Photoshop? Let’s examine how to alter the color of skin tone in Photoshop.

With the help of the Color Range command, we’ll choose the skin tone. The specified section will then be filled with skin tone. Finally, we’ll use Layer Mask to make some adjustments.

Below is a detailed guide on changing skin color in Photoshop.                   

Guide to Changing Skin Color in Photoshop

Portrait photography often shows skin tones that are too pink, orange, or red. This can happen for many different reasons. After Photoshop has opened your picture, it’s easy to fix the slightly off-color skin tones.

This technique works when the skin tone is reasonably close to what is required. It may be used before or after other adjustments, although it is preferable to get the skin tone right as soon as possible in the editing process.

Check out this video to learn how to change skin color in Photoshop quickly:

Step 1: Specify The Skin

Picking your desired skin tone in Photoshop CS6 or later versions is not too difficult. With Photoshop’s Color Range command, we can do the task quickly and easily. Go to Select > Color Range.

Next, select “Skin Tones” and enable “Detect Faces.” To improve the color choices, move the Fuzziness slider to the left or right. The choice is displayed in the window’s preview area, which is just below. 

The region that will be chosen is indicated by the color white, while the undetermined portions are shown by the color black. Now, click OK.

Step 2: Change Skin Color 

Here’s how you can change the skin color in this step:

  1. You may access the layer panel by selecting Window > Layers or by hitting F7. 
  2. Press Cmd + Shift + N or Ctrl + Shift + N to add a new layer. 
  3. Make color the new blend mode. Select the foreground color by clicking it.
  4. Pick a decent skin tone. 
  5. Enter this value into the HEX code. Click OK. 
  6. This chosen skin tone is now the foreground color. 
  7. If you press Opt + Delete or Alt + Backspace, the foreground color will be filled into your chosen area. 
  8. To deselect, use Cmd + D or Ctrl + D.

Step 3: Finetune the Picture

We can remove the skin tone color from areas where it does not belong by using Layer Mask. In the layer panel, choose the layer mask. This will apply a layer mask to the layer that is colored to match the skin tone. 

To use the Brush Tool, either select it from the tool panel or press Shift + B repeatedly. Blacken the color in the foreground. The region where you wish to remove the skin tone color will now be brushed. Now, lower the skin tone layer’s opacity to approximately 50 to 70%.

Final Words

Navigating Photoshop can be difficult for a newbie. This article covers the basics of changing skin tone in Photoshop. We hope that you’ll find it helpful for your work.

Happy editing!