How to Change the Color of a Rectangle in Photoshop

You may not find the color you’re searching for after making a shape in Photoshop. Fortunately, there are several quick ways to alter the color of any shape you make. Many choices can fit your style, from gradients to solid colors. Let’s begin by discussing the simplest method for altering a shape’s color in Photoshop.

Choose your shape layer in the Layer Panel, then press U to open the shape tool in Photoshop and modify the color of your shape. There will be a “Fill” option in the options bar at the top. Choose a new color for your shape by clicking on the Fill option and selecting it from the given color swatches.

This simple approach makes it possible to modify a shape’s color quickly, but it only touches the surface. So, let’s take a closer look at this procedure to provide you with the broadest range of color-changing alternatives!

Changing Rectangle Colors in Photoshop 101

To effectively adjust the color of a rectangle in Photoshop, stick to the steps below.

For more information on how to change the color of a rectangle in Photoshop, watch this video below:

Step 1: Create a New Shape Layer

Let’s not go too far ahead of ourselves and begin altering colors until you’ve got a shape!

  • To use the shape tools, use the U key on your keyboard or look for it in your toolbar.
  • Photoshop has a number of shape-related tools, including circles, rectangles, triangles, and custom designs. Click and hold on to the shape tool icon to expose the associated tools so you can find these various tools.
  • Alternatively, you can cycle through the available shape tool options by pressing Shift + U.
  • Select the desired shape tool, then click and drag outward to create a new shape on your screen. Your shape will be added to your canvas, and a new shape layer will be created in the Layer Panel as a result.
  • Ensure your tool mode is set to “Shape” in the upper settings bar if you’re having trouble making a shape.

Step 2: Select Shape Layer 

  • If you recently added a new shape to your canvas, then this should happen automatically. If not, just click the shape layer to choose it, as shown by the highlight.

Step 3: Select the Shape Tool

  • Make sure the shape tool is active when the shape layer is selected to display the color fill and stroke options in the upper settings bar.

Step 4: “Fill” Setting

A “Fill” and “Stroke” setting should now be visible in the upper setting bar. The active colors are shown here as long as your form layer is selected.

  • Click on the Fill option to alter the shape’s primary color.
  • It will then show a panel with several pre-set color swatches and a list of your recently used or sampled colors. These offer a quick method for adding a solid color to your object.
  • Click on the color picker option in the panel’s upper right corner if you can’t find the shade you’re looking for.
  • You can choose the ideal color to fill your shape within the color picker that appears. Press OK to add the color to your shape after you’re satisfied.

Your shape will have a completely new color after changing the fill color!

Step 5: “Stroke” Setting

The color of your shape’s outline is determined by the stroke setting. The outline can be made translucent by following the procedures listed below.

  • To remove the outline, click the white box with the red line across it in the stroke option. You will only be able to view your shape’s fill color in this manner.

Final Words

You can now successfully change the color of your form in Photoshop by following these simple instructions. We really hope you’ll find this guide useful.

Happy editing!