How to Change Units in Illustrator

When you start a new project in Adobe Illustrator, you’ll see a variety of pre-made document templates with various dimensions, measured in either points or pixels. You can also choose from different measuring units, including millimeters, centimeters, inches, and picas.

In Illustrator, select Edit > Preferences > Units from the top menu. You can choose the General, Stroke, and Type Units of measurement using the options given. Click OK after choosing your preferred choice from the drop-down menu.

In the tutorial below, we’ll dive more deeply into how to use the Rulers tool in Adobe Illustrator as well as how to modify a document’s measuring units.

How to Change Units in Adobe Illustrator in Two Ways

Units are often chosen when making a new document, but you may need to change them later for different image uses. This is a typical scenario that occurs to a lot of people. Fortunately, Illustrator makes changing measurements simple.

Check out this video to learn more about how to change units in Illustrator:

Method 1: Change Units Of A New Document

The unit options are located next to the Width on the right-hand side panel when you open a new document. Just click the downward arrow to open the menu and choose the right measuring unit.

If you already have a document and want to save different versions of it, you can change the unit of an existing document by following the steps below.

Method 2: Change Units Of An Existing Document

You can alter the units in the Properties panel, which is where you can view the document units if there isn’t an object selected.

To access the settings menu, click the down arrow and select the units you want to switch to. You can, for instance, go from pt to px, pt to mm, etc. For the document units to appear in the Properties panel, make sure that no object is chosen.

Suppose your version of Illustrator doesn’t enable you to do that or, for some other reason, it doesn’t appear. In that case, you can also select File > Document Setup from the overhead menu to change the units from the Document Setup window.

Navigate to Illustrator > Preferences > Units to adjust the stroke or type units individually. You can select a different unit for type, stroke, and general objects there. The standard unit of measurement for text is the point, whereas for a stroke, it may either be px or pt.

How to Change Units of the Ruler in Adobe Illustrator

The units of the rulers mirror the units of the document; therefore, if your file units are points, the units of the rulers will also be points.

So, follow these steps to modify Adobe Illustrator’s ruler units.

Step 1: Open The Rulers

Open the Rulers by pressing Command + R (or Ctrl + R for Windows users). As a result of the document’s use of inches, the rulers’ measurement units will also have changed.

Step 2: Change Units

To change the rulers’ measurement units, right-click on a specific ruler.

Final Words

When you start a new document, you can select and modify units in accordance with the goal of your work. While pixels are primarily used for digital or screen displays, millimeters and inches are frequently used for printing.