How To Chroma Key In Photoshop

Today’s tutorial uses Photoshop to get rid of the green screen. You can quickly and easily change the background of any green screenshot using only the built-in auto-select tools and a few adjustment layers.

Use the eyedropper tool to choose the green screen, make a layer mask, and then choose the backdrop after selecting the subject using the select subject button. Make sure to refine and smooth out the jagged edges.

Keep reading below for more detailed instructions.

Guide On How To Chroma Key In Photoshop

To effectively use Chroma Key in Adobe Photoshop, follow the steps written in this section.

For more detailed instructions on how to Chroma Key in Photoshop, check out this video:

Step 1: Chroma Key

We’ll start by discussing how to use Photoshop’s chroma key feature. Select > Color Range is a tool that allows you to do this.

Let’s have a look at the options:

Fuzziness: 40, varies from image to image, but it’s a nice place to start.

Invert: Checked

Step 2: Use The Eyedropper Tool

From this point, we’ll use the Eyedropper tool to select a section of the green screen. Hold Shift while selecting the entire green background. You can always press Control-Z to undo your selections if you make too many. Once you’re satisfied, press OK.

Step 3: Add Layer Mask

After that, give your subject a layer mask. The mask will automatically fill in the selection’s shape.

Step 4: Add Background

You are now free to drag and drop or switch on your new background after the green screen has been eliminated in Photoshop.

Step 5: Smooth Out Mask

The mask looks fine, but it is undoubtedly flawed. Double-click the layer mask to go to Select and Mask. Use the Feather, Contrast, and Shift Edge attributes of Select and Mask together to make a less jagged mask.

Each image will vary significantly, but you can always zoom in and play around with the sliders to make your edge appear much smoother.

Please note that we are currently only focusing on the body and not the hair.

Step 6: Smooth Edges

There can be residual fringe edges even after using Select and Mask. We can click on the layer mask to eliminate these while pressing Control. This will result in a selection centered on the subject. Choose Modify > Contract and Contract by 2 in the select tab. You could also try 1 if you think 2 are too powerful. You can invert this section by clicking Select > Inverse.

With a gentle, rounded black brush, we can mask any regions that may still contain some of the green screen’s fringe edges. The selection is only available as a backup plan; you can also mask without it.

Step 7: Use Refine Edge Brush

Let’s go back to Select and Mask. At this point, select the Refine Edge Brush and then click the Refine Hair button in the upper Options bar.

If you hold down Alt, you will be able to select the hair again with the Refine Edge Brush if Refine Edge removes too much hair.

Final Words

And there you are. This tutorial shows you all the steps you need to take to chroma key in Photoshop.

Happy editing!