How To Color Hair Paint Tool SAI

Paint Tool SAI is a graphics design software that helps painters and artists draw different kinds of illustrations and artwork through its lightweight yet powerful interface. You can use its simple vector tools to draw whatever idea you have in mind and then fill it with all the colors you want. It could be a landscape, still life, or some comic characters. However, you may need some help learning how to use its features to color your characters’ hair.

You can start by filling base colors in your hair Lineart. Use the basic Brush tool in Paint Tool SAI to shade over the base colors; you can also use this tool to blend the hair later on. You just need to keep changing the brush settings for each purpose, such as changing the blending and density settings. Finish it off by highlighting and giving the hair in your work some final reflections.

Although everyone has their own technique around art, such as coloring hair the way you want, knowing how to manipulate the right tools for this is also crucial. Our article will discuss how you can color hair in Paint Tool SAI through some simple steps.

Coloring Hair In Paint Tool SAI

It is actually quite simple and straightforward to color hair in Paint Tool SAI. To start off, we need to create a new layer for coloring. It is preferred that you only work with one layer to make the blending and shading look more natural. 

However, several layers can make working on different hair strands easier, so whether you want to work on several layers or just one layer depends on your preference. 

Alternatively, you can also refer to the following video to learn different tricks for coloring hair in Paint Tool SAI:

Add The Base Color

You can use the airbrush tool in the color and brush panel to fill in the layers with the base colors that you want. 

You can make several layers for each set of hair strands if you want to give your character’s hair a multi-color look, as it may help set such strands apart, but a single layer is also fine if you don’t color over the lines.

Shading And Blending

You can change your brush settings for the shading to the hue color you want. For example, if you want to give the hair a lighter shade, you can use less opacity or a lighter tint to the color that you choose. 

To blend the shades out, set blending in your brush settings to 100%. This will only blend the shades and add nothing new to the hair colors. 


To add any highlights to the hair, set your brush size to make thinner brush strokes. You can either change the color to its lighter shade or slightly change your brush’s saturation or hue. Blend it out a little after you are done.


We gave you a detailed explanation of the basic method of coloring hair in Paint Tool SAI. You only have to use the brush tool for the coloring process, but you can change its settings to shade, blend, and highlight.