How To Color In Krita

Krita is a highly valued yet free digital software that provides us with all the drawing tools we require for our digital artwork. Coloring is one of them, and it comes with many features. With Krita, you can colorize your Lineart easily in many ways. So how can you color in Krita? 

After preparing your Lineart ready to be colored, you can use three different ways to fill flat colors in your Lineart. You can color it directly through block brushes, use the Flood Fill Tool, or use a Colorize Mask. For further effects, you can also use soft and special brushes to add shadows and highlights or blend your artwork. 

Coloring your artwork is an essential part of drawing if sketching is not your only niche. Krita gives you all the right features to colorize your work. This article will discuss how you can color in Krita using these features.

Coloring in Krita

Although there are many ways to color in Krita, the three main methods we will discuss are the most common and easiest. Before starting, prepare your Lineart by creating a new layer and putting it under your Lineart layer. 

Next, set your Lineart layer’s blending mode to Multiply. Press CTRL + L if you want to clear your Lineart more.  Now let’s move to the coloring methods:

Flood Fill Tool

You can use this tool to color larger, closed parts of your Lineart quicker. Follow the following steps:

  1. Place your Lineart on another layer
  2. Switch on the Flood Fill Tool
  3. Set the “Grow selection” to 2px and uncheck “Limit to current layer.”
  4. Choose your desired color from the color selector 
  5. Fill in the areas you want to fill

Using Block Brushes

This is a simple traditional method where you use the brush tool to color in. Just do the following steps:

  1. Select the “Block” category from the drop-down menu in the brush presets docker.
  2. Choose any brush and start coloring in with your brush on a new layer under the Lineart layer. Try to use a different layer for each color.
  3. You can change the brush into an eraser by pressing E to solve any mistakes.

You can also use this video to learn to color your art in Krita through detailed steps:

Colorize Mask Tool

The Colorize Mask Tool is a built-in tool that will save you time through its quick technique. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on your Lineart layer and select Colorize Mask Editing Tool on the left toolbar.
  2. With this tool selected, hit on your artboard. This will add a blurry Colorize Mask layer to your artwork.
  3. Use any of the brushes to draw strokes of specific colors in each of the specific areas you want to color
  4. You can see a preview of the colors filled in once you click on “Update.” 
  5. To save changes, convert this layer into a paint layer 


It is easy to colorize your artwork with Krita through three main methods. They have simple and easy-to-follow steps, and you can fill colors in your artwork in any way you want.