How To Color Lineart In Photoshop

Digital art and graphic design software have given us all the tools we need while working on our designs and maybe even more control over our work than with traditional art. We use colored pencils whenever we want to fill color between the lines in our Lineart. Similarly, Photoshop has features and tools that allow us to color our Lineart. So what are the steps to color our Lineart in Photoshop?

You first have to prepare your Lineart to be colored. This means making new layers and setting the specific layer color mode to Grayscale. The grayscale for the lines layer ensures that your colors don’t get mixed with your lines and that you don’t miss any color spots while coloring it. When we are done with the preparation, we will use the Paint Brush tool to fill in the color as we want.

The preparation and color filling will require some additional things you should be careful about. Our article will cover these details and explain the steps to how you can color your Lineart in Photoshop.

Steps To Coloring Your Lineart In Photoshop

We can easily color our Lineart through some easy steps; we just have to be careful with a few little details.  

  1. First, you need to open the image you want to work on in Photoshop. To only get the drawing lines on your layer, you need to remove the background by either the Magic Wand Tool or by using other methods. 
  2. At this stage, we will also change the color mode of this layer to Grayscale so that we don’t miss any coloring spots while using our paintbrush tool later on. 
  3. Now, create a new layer to make sure you have a white background on which you can color easily. Use the Paint Brush Tool to fill it white. Alternatively, you can also go to Edit > Fill on the top menu. 
  4. Name this new layer something unique so you can recognize it is the background layer, such as “Background”. Move this layer to the back behind the lines layer and lock it into place so it does not get messed up. 

Here’s a video with an in-detail explanation of these steps:

Now that we are done with the preparation, we will move on to the coloring portion. Make a new layer with the name of the color you want to paint first. For example, if you are gonna fill in pink, name it pink. 

Next, click on the brush tool that you want to use. Choose a color and the desired brush settings; these include brush hardness, size, style, and more. You can test these out on the canvas and change the settings to what you find fit.

After filling your Lineart with one color, you can create a new layer for the next color and proceed with the rest of your Lineart. It is important that we create new layers for every color. Else we can not edit or erase each color precisely and may face many hurdles.


Coloring Lineart in Photoshop is just as easy as we do in traditional artwork. In fact, it gives us the opportunity to correct our mistakes easily too. You just need to be careful and follow the preparation steps we explained properly.