How To Color Paint Tool SAI

Paint Tool SAI lets users create any kind of illustration and art through its easy-to-use yet rich-in-features interface. One of these features is coloring your artwork. Whether you want to color in your comic character’s design, a still life drawing, or any other design, you can colorize it easily with Paint Tool SAI. So how can you use its features to color? 

The brush tool in Pain Tool SAI lets you do everything, from coloring to shading, blending, and more. The key is to change its settings about what you find fit for each task. You can also choose any other kind of brush from the left toolbar too it could be AirBrush, Water Color, or any other. Then, use the color pickers and proceed to the process of coloring your artwork.

Once we learn the techniques of using the features in any graphics design software, we can easily know how to draw. Through this article, you will find out the basic techniques behind using Paint Tool SAI to color your artwork. 

Coloring in Paint Tool SAI

Since Paint Tool SAI is specifically designed for drawing, the steps to coloring in this software are very easy. To begin, you just need to color each segment in your artwork in a new layer with a flat base color.

Then according to the perspective in your drawing, you need to add the effects such as shading using the brush tool; we will discuss this process in detail according to the below-mentioned steps. Before we start, here’s a video for more Pain Tool SAI tips:

  1. First, create a new layer and put it beneath the lines layer. This will be one of the background layers on which you will color the base color based on each segment.
  2. Next, you can choose either the brush tool or the airbrush tool in the brush panel to fill in the colors in the base layers.
  3. To add shading to your artwork, you just need to change the brush tool settings and use it to shade. Change the opacity of the brush with the color on which you want to shade selected; this will give it a lighter shade. Alternatively, you can use a darker color to shade in darker colors.
  4. Blend the shades out with the brush tool, and change its blending to 100%. This setting will only blend out the shades. It won’t add anything else to your artwork.
  5. For highlights in your coloring, set your brush to a smaller size and choose a lighter color as opposed to your base color. Set the brush hardness to full.
  6. Blend the highlights out with the same tool.

While choosing colors, you can pick a wider range of colors by using the RGB and HSV sliders. Mix any colors you want. You can also save any custom colors through “Swatches”.


This article discussed the details of how you can color your artwork through Paint Tool SAI. It has many useful features designed specifically to simplify the coloring process but with a diverse brush and color engine.