How To Convert RGB To CMYK Without Photoshop

It is essential to know which color mode to use for your images. The CMYK color mode is primarily used to print because it gives high-accuracy results on paper. However, the RGB color mode is better to use when viewing images on screens. So, how can you convert an RGB to CMYK without Photoshop?

Although converting RBG to CMYK in Photoshop is easy, several other methods can also be used for this conversion. These include using the free online software GIMP, an online CMYK converter, asking the print company to do the conversion, or using Adobe Illustrator.

This article will guide you through the abovementioned methods of converting an RGB to CMYK without using Photoshop, so continue reading! 

Converting RBG to CMYK using GIMP

GIMP is an online editing software and is helpful because it requires no purchases. To use GIMP to your RBG file to a CMYK, go through these steps:

1. Having downloaded GIMP, install the “CMYK separation plug-in.”

2. Open GIMP and select the image that needs to convert to CMYK.

3. Then, choose “separate” from the drop-down menu list by right-clicking on your image.

4. Next, select where you want your CMYK file to be saved, and press “ok.”

If you cannot install GIMP, you can also use an online CMYK converter. 

Using an Online RGB to CMYK Converter

This method is useful as it does not require any additional software to be installed on your device. It is also time-saving if you only need to convert one file. The process is as follows:

1. Open your image in the online converter.

2. Select the required CMYK profiles from the listed options. If you are unsure about which profile to use, choose the default settings.

3. Convert the image to CMYK by pressing “ok.”

The following video describes the online conversion method:

If you forget to convert the image and are already on your way to get it printed, the printing company can also change it for you. 

Using the Printing Company

Before you resort to this option, you must call the print workers to ensure they have the required facilities to convert your files to CMYK. Although most print companies will be able to get the work done, it is advised not to leave the image conversion to the last minute.

Another way to convert your RGB file to CMYK is through Adobe Illustrator. 

Converting RGB to CMYK Using Illustrator 

This method is not widely practiced or known by people because RGB is the default setting in all Adobe software. However, you can still convert your file to CMYK using these guidelines:

1. Open your file, go to “document color mode,” and select CMYK.

2. Alter the colors as they are required using the different tools in Illustrator.

3. Next, press “ok” to complete the conversion and save your file. 


There are numerous ways to convert an RGB file to CMYK without using Photoshop. These methods include using GIMP, an online converter, referring to the printing company, or using Adobe Illustrator.