How to Copy a Logo in Photoshop [The Complete Guide]

Copying a logo can be interesting. Maybe the logo becomes blurry, or maybe it just isn’t doing what you want. Or maybe you have no experience with copying and want to expand on this knowledge.

Copying a logo in Photoshop, whether it is your logo or another logo, is easy to do when you have the information. Here is everything you need to know about copying a logo in photoshop and what you can do with it.

How to Copy a Logo in Photoshop

Copying a logo in photoshop can be simple, especially if you are only looking into copying it. Sometimes there are things you have to expand on when you edit it, but this is everything you need to know and the methods you can do:

  1. Simple copy and paste
  2. Copying via drag and drop
  3. Copying low-resolution logos

Each of these methods is pretty easy to use. Just play with the editing tools to see what best fits you and how you want to copy and paste a logo.

Simple Copy and Paste

The simple copy and paste are pretty straightforward. All you need to do is pick the logo you want to copy, which can be in your files, online, or elsewhere. Ensure that you just copy it.

Next, have the Adobe Photoshop program open and a new file created. You will then paste it into Photoshop so you can start editing the photo however you like. 

It is best to get clip art images of the logo rather than other images. You also want to be careful because if you are using the logo for profit, most likely the image is copyrighted, and you should refrain from selling any copies of the logo.

Copying Via Drag and Drop 

Drag and drop is a simple way to copy an image online or from another location into your Photoshop program. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Have the Photoshop program open
  2. Find the image you want to copy and click on it
  3. Drag the image into the photoshop program
  4. Drop it into the program
  5. Adjust the image size
  6. Save it as a new file

Once it is in the photoshop program, you can now edit it how you would like and go from there. You can even change the colors and backgrounds if you want to change the logo’s style. Just remember when you change the size, the quality may become distorted.

Always ensure you have saved after you completed any edits, so nothing is lost when you exit photoshop.     

Copying Low-Resolution Logos

Sometimes when you copy an image, it may have a low resolution. This is often due to the image being saved as a raster layer rather than a vector layer. It can also be because the image was saved tiny, and when you try to enlarge it, the pixels become large and distorted.

You will have to directly trace the logo within the Photoshop program using vector layers when this occurs. This is what you need to do:

  1. Copy the image into the program using any of the two previous methods
  2. Enlarge the logo to the size you want, and don’t worry about any distortions
  3. Use the shapes tool to copy any shapes within the image until you have completed the logo
  4. You can also use the line tool to copy parts of the image as well
  5. Mess around with these editing tools until you have the image copied
  6. Save the image

This process does take a little longer because you are initially drawing out the logo rather than simply copying the image, but it does make for a much better-quality image. You then have the project saved in photoshop and can change it however you want.

Always make this “copy” of the logo on a vector layer. When doing this, you can change the size of the logo without losing any quality or reducing the risk of it looking pixelated.

This process is also best when the logo is more simple, like the Apple logo or Windows logo. You can easily copy the image and make it seem more like the original.


Copying and pasting a logo in the Photoshop program is simple and quick. You can complete so many edits to the logo, including size, color, shapes, and more. Or you can simply just copy the logo into the program. It is all up to you and what you are desiring.