How To Copy And Paste In Paint Tool SAI

You should check out what Paint Tool SAI offers if you’re a fledgling artist, a seasoned graphic designer, or a mother searching for fun activities for your kids. It’s an excellent software with simple tools for creating both automated and free-hand artwork on a digital platform. This tutorial will show you how to copy and paste with the SAI paint tool.

First, open the image in Paint Tool SAI by selecting File > Open before copying and pasting it. Next, choose the image and hit the Ctrl + C key to copy it. Finally, click the Ctrl + V key while viewing the page where you want to paste the picture.

Let’s learn a little bit about Paint Tool SAI before we begin.

Paint Tool SAI: What is it?

One benefit of Paint Tool SAI is that you may use the raster tool to draw lines, objects, and text. Additionally, this is the only drawing application that enables rasterizing numerous forms. 

You may employ many elements in a drawing when painting thanks to the raster capability. Additionally, you have the choice to give your items shadows and highlights.

Before you begin painting, you must prepare your brushes, palette, and canvas. Layers, brush-marks, auto-trace, background blending, drawing, and texturing tools are just a few of the software’s other features and functionality. 

The fact that Paint Tool SAI is inexpensive and simple to use is a plus. It is far less expensive than Photoshop and some other popular picture editing software.

To learn how to copy and paste in SAI, check out this detailed video below:

Copy Pasting in Paint Tool SAI

The steps listed below will show you how to copy and paste a layer in Paint Tool SAI.

Step 1: Make a Folder

Gather all the layers you wish to copy in one place.

Step 2: Select the Folder

Close the window after transferring all the layers to the folder, then click the folder to select it.

Step 3: Click the “Layer” Button

Go to the toolbar now and select “Layer.”

Step 4: Copy

To complete the process, click “Copy.”

5. Move the Picture

Using the Ctrl+V key, you can now navigate to the page where you want the picture copied and “Paste” it there.

How to Copy and Paste an Image Using Paint Tool SAI

Follow the steps listed below to copy and paste an image into Paint Tool SAI.

Step 1: Select the Image

Open Paint Tool SAI and choose the picture you wish to copy.

Step 2: Crop or Duplicate the Picture

You have the option to copy or crop a picture once it is open. Then choose “Copy.”

3. Move the Pictures

Using the Ctrl+V key, you can now navigate to the page where you want the picture copied and paste it there.


Paint Tool SAI is a graphic design tool that assists artists in producing various artworks, including cartoons and anime. For a beginner, using Paint Tool SAI might be challenging. 

We covered how to quickly copy and paste in Paint Tool SAI in this tutorial. We hope that these instructions will be helpful to you.