How to Copy Multiple Layers in Photoshop?

We can quickly and easily repeat our work for other projects by duplicating many layers simultaneously. However, it might not always come naturally for someone who is just getting started with Photoshop. To help you get started on your job straight away, we’ve included simple instructions in the following tutorial.

To copy multiple layers in Photoshop, you must first select the layers before copying them all at once. Both the select all command and the Duplicate Layers command from the Layer menu may be used to do this. Then, you may either click the copy button or hit Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

Let’s get right into the specifics of how to replicate multiple layers in Photoshop without further ado.

How to Copy and Paste Multiple Layers in Photoshop

You may copy and paste several layers in Photoshop in several different ways. 

Selecting & Copying

Here’s how you do this:

Select All Method

  1. One method is to paste the layers into a new document after using the ‘Select All’ and ‘Copy’ commands.
  2. The layers that you wish to copy and paste must first be selected if you’re using the “Select All” approach. You may do this by selecting the first layer, pressing the “Shift” key and selecting the last layer.
  3. As an alternative, you may choose several layers by clicking on the first layer while holding down the “CTRL” key. Press “CTRL+C” to copy the layers once all of the desired ones have been chosen.

If you’d like more detailed instructions on the topic, check out this video below:

Duplicate Layers Method

  1. Use the ‘Layer’ menu, then the ‘Duplicates Layer’ command, as an other option.


  1. You may now create a new document and paste the layers into it after they have been copied. Go to “File > New > Blank File.”
  2. Specify the measurements for your new document in the “Width” and “Height” sections. 
  3. Confirm that the “Color Mode” is set to RGB color and that the “Resolution” is 300 pixels per inch. After entering these parameters, press the “OK” button.
  4. Press “CTRL+V” to paste the copied layers into the newly opened document. 
  5. All of the layers from your previous document should now be visible in your new one.
  6. If you’re using the ‘Layer > Duplicate Layer’ technique, just choose the layer you wish to copy and paste. 
  7. Next, select “Layer > Duplicate Layer.” Simply click the “OK” button in the new dialogue box to accept the default settings and replicate the layer you chose.

CTRL + J Method

  1. To duplicate layers, you may also use keyboard keys. 
  2. Select the layer you wish to copy and paste in order to achieve this.
  3. Then click “CTRL+J.” Your chosen layer will be duplicated as a result.

Final Words

Regardless of the technique you use, making copies of your work in Photoshop by copying and pasting numerous layers is a quick and simple process. Try out each of the methods to find out which one suits you the best. 

By following these simple steps, you can quickly copy and paste many layers in Photoshop.