How To Create A Gaming Logo For Twitch Using Placeit

How To Create A Gaming Logo For Twitch Using Placeit

Streaming on Twitch is on the rise, and every good streamer needs a great logo. Placeit is one of the easiest ways to create quality graphics quickly, and the best part is that it’s incredibly user friendly.

To create a gaming logo on Twitch using Placeit, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Pick a logo inspiration and design
  2. Edit your logo to be unique to your needs
  3. Test your logo on Twitch!

With these simple steps, you can be on your way to making a game-ready logo to bring in even more Twitch followers. Let’s get started.

Navigate to the Placeit Logo Creation Page

Here’s where you can find the logo maker on Placeit’s website: Placeit Logo Maker.

The logo maker immediately prompts you to enter in your stream name (or “brand name”), and to head to the next step. If you’ve got a stellar Twitch username, then use it! However, make sure that you’re really settled on your stream name or else you’ll have to make a new logo.

Pick a Logo Design

Next, Placeit will have you go through premade logos that are available for you to edit. Don’t worry too much about things like the color of the secondary text that might be on some of the logos; you’ll be able to change all of this later. Think of these initial logos as templates for your personal logo.

In the Gaming category alone, there are over 120 pages of logos to choose from and edit immediately. If you’re looking for another kind of design, try browsing through some of the other categories. For example, if you’re looking for a more minimalist logo, try the Typographic category. You can switch categories by clicking the arrow in the second box.

When you’re looking through the logo designs, get creative! There are thousands of different premade designs to pick from, and they can all be edited in some way. Take your time and really look through the different categories. For example, the Abstract category has a lot of retro themed logos, which could work well if you stream indie games or older games in general.

Another great Placeit logo category is the Arts and Crafts one. These aren’t your typical gaming logos, but that’ll help you stand out as you create your own Twitch space with sleek, minimal designs. The Avatars category is also great if you want to create a character for yourself online.

When you’re picking a Placeit logo design, try to think about how it represents your Twitch channel. Consider the following when you’re dreaming up your design:

  • art styles of games you play
  • the types of games you play
  • your audience and what kind of logo they’d love

With over 10,000 different unique logos to choose from and customize, you’re bound to find one that fits all of these categories in Placeit’s library.

If you’re struggling to find a logo you like or don’t know what category to check out, we’ve compiled a gaming-related description for each category on Placeit. While most of these explain themselves, these descriptions should help you when thinking about the kind of games you play or the style you’re looking for:

Category Description
Abstract Retro Themes
Alternative Medicine Nature Themes
Architect Text Based, Building Themes, Car Themes
Arts and Crafts Minimalist Designs
Avatars People Based
Bakery Food Themes
Bar Drink Themes, Retro Themes
Beauty Makeup Themes, Minimalist Designs
Car Wash Racing Themes
Catering Food Themes
Church Spiritual Themes
Clothing Brand Text Based
Coffee Shop City Themes
Consulting Text Based
Daycare Building Themes
Design Artsy Themes
Education Mascot Themes, Music Themes
Event Planner Floral Themes, Party Themes
Finance Text Based
Fitness Energetic Themes, Bold Themes
Florist Floral Themes, People Based
Gaming Game Based, Team Themes, Mascot Themes
Hairstylist Text Based
Jewelry Animal Themes
Law Text Based
Medical Bandage Themes
Musician Retro Themes
Organic Products Text Based
Pets Animal Themes
Photography Text Based, Square Themes
Real Estate Building Themes
Restaurant Text Based, Food Themes, Drink Themes
Services Transportation Themes, Building Themes, Racing Themes
Sports Sport Themes, Energetic Themes, Team Themes
Technology Text Based, Retro Themes
Travel Nature Themes, Space Themes
Typographic Text Based
Wellness Energetic Themes, Mascot Themes
Writer Minimalist Designs, Text Based
Yoga Text Based, Circle Designs
YouTubers Animal Themes, Team Themes, Text Based

Edit Your Placeit Gaming Logo

Editing your Placeit logo is simple, fun, and intuitive! There is almost nothing that you can’t do to these logos.

The first place you’ll want to start will probably be the text. Most of the premade logos have multiple layers of text, so you’ll either want to add or remove some sections. If you’ve got a Twitch stream name with multiple words, try playing around with the different sections.

Having multiple layers of text gives you the option to size words differently, which can really make or break your logo. You can also change the color of each layer separately, so play around and see what looks best for your logo.

You can also rework the graphic of whatever logo you choose. If you weren’t sure about the logo you settled on, you can use this space to try out different logos. However, it is pretty limited, so try to choose a great graphic at the start.

At this stage of the game, you can also upload an old logo you might just want to add to. For example, if your current Twitch logo is just text, but you want to add a great graphic to it, then Placeit lets you upload a .png file of your original logo that you can add on to any of their logos. This is also a great feature if you have a graphic that you absolutely love (and are allowed to use).

Test Your Twitch Gaming Logo Using Placeit

Placeit lets you see mockups of your design in a variety of ways. Utilizing this feature can help you, especially if you’re thinking about selling merchandise or looking to use your logo in different places.

You can also see other design options Placeit offers, such as banners. These banners can help improve the quality of your Twitch channel by using them as overlays while you’re streaming. By using Placeit for all of it, your channel will be uniform and look much more professional than if you’re creating different content in a variety of places.

Still Can’t Find the Perfect Logo?

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect design for your logo, then you can actually request new content. There are over 10,000 unique designs to choose from, but you might be looking for something specific. Whatever the case is, Placeit will work with you to get the perfect logo for your Twitch channel.

You can also request new features. For example, if you find that you can’t customize something the way you want it, you might want to request a new customization feature.

While Placeit has a variety of ways to customize your logo, there might be new customization features that you think of that the company hasn’t yet. By requesting new features, you’re helping yourself, Placeit, and future Twitch streamers!

If you’re looking to create a quick logo but can’t get it quite right, then you can scroll down on the editing page and see related templates. This can be really helpful if you end up customizing too much, and it gives you a fresh new take as well.

Placeit is a great option if you’re looking to create a gaming logo for your Twitch channel. You can create quality graphics easily, and there are a ton of options that let you stand out from other streamers, bringing you more followers and hopefully some more money as well!