How To Create A Watermark In Photoshop Elements

Your work’s copyright is protected through watermarking, which also assures that it will not be repurposed or modified without your consent. This implies that customers may still view a sample of your work before buying it without worrying about them stealing it. It’s straightforward to add a watermark using Photoshop Elements. 

You must first construct your text and picture on a new image, making sure it is translucent. Getting it smaller is normally not an issue, but scaling it up could be. We advise making it large enough to fit any size version of an image that you may have and save it.

For the effective creation of a watermark in Photoshop Elements, follow the directions in the following sections.

If you’d like more detailed instructions on the topic, check out this video below:

How to Add Text Watermark to Photos

Follow the instructions below to successfully create a text watermark for photos.

  1. Firstly, Download the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop Elements from the company’s official website.
  2. When you install and use the software, the interface will seem just like Adobe Photoshop. 
  3. Have “Expert” mode enabled.
  4. By selecting “File > Open,” you may import the file to which the watermark will be added. A window will appear in which you may select the Photo. 
  5. Click “Open” after selecting the photo.
  6. Choose the “Type Tool” from the Toolbar on the interface’s left hand. 
  7. Alternatively, select Type using the “T” key shortcut on your keyboard. It also offers a number of Type-related choices. You may quickly change the font, size, color, and other settings from those options. You can also simply reposition the text wherever on the image.
  8. Later, select the Layers option from the bottom menu to make the Layers section Visible. The photo and text layers may be found after that. 
  9. Click on the Text layer to select it.
  10. When you select the “Opacity” option, a slider will appear. 
  11. Increase and decrease the opacity with the slider. Set the opacity to the amount you believe to be optimal.

How to Watermark Images in Photos

You can use any picture or even your corporate logo as a watermark by following the instructions below.

  1. Download and install the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop Elements on your computer.
  2. Open the program, then add the picture to which you want to add a watermark. 
  3. Import the picture or logo you wish to use as a watermark similarly.
  4. Click on the “Select” button in the top menu after importing the picture or logo.
  5. A menu of options will appear. Select “Subject” from the list of options.
  6. Later, select “Copy” from the list of options by clicking on the “Edit” option in the top menu.
  7. Go to the main image now. Select “Paste” from the drop-down menu under “Edit.”
  8. The logo or image will then be put into the main picture. If necessary, edit and modify. 
  9. Later, select the logo layer in the layer area and use the slider to modify the opacity level. You should adjust the opacity to the point where you think it looks best.


Using the steps in this tutorial, you can quickly add watermarks to pictures using Adobe Photoshop Element. Photoshop elements can assist you, whether you need a text or image watermark.